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Why can't I download a file from the forum?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by hanskazan, Jun 7, 2020.

  1. playmystrat

    playmystrat Rookie

  2. hamburg4u

    hamburg4u Rookie

  3. parimikk

    parimikk Rookie

  4. paulieGTR

    paulieGTR Alien

    Lurkers and leachers very rarely give anything back to a community, all they do is take.
  5. Cruelkix

    Cruelkix Rookie

    First post. Thanks for the info
  6. Chris320N

    Chris320N Rookie

    First post. Cheers.
  7. John Hedges

    John Hedges Rookie

    Testing... First post!
  8. RickyBobby212

    RickyBobby212 Rookie

    Was about to ask this, thanks.
  9. Cityfield

    Cityfield Rookie

  10. iv13

    iv13 Rookie

    First post, beautiful.
  11. Errol Verwey

    Errol Verwey Rookie

  12. Razgriz337

    Razgriz337 Rookie

  13. Quickfoxz

    Quickfoxz Rookie

    Thank you, had the same problem. So Lets find out if it works after a first post.
  14. mslw

    mslw Rookie

    Same issue here - thanks!
  15. Jim Pelletier

    Jim Pelletier Rookie

    Thanks, I'm having the same issue. Hoping that responding here counts as a first post and fixes it.
  16. Zener_36

    Zener_36 Rookie

  17. Jim Pelletier

    Jim Pelletier Rookie

  18. No1sHero

    No1sHero Rookie

    and here we are in 2020 simple google to find an answer to a simple question so as quite a few that have gone before me, this shall be my first post as well.
  19. Jim Pelletier

    Jim Pelletier Rookie

    FYI... looks like you ALSO have to be logging in using your associated Steam account. I was logging in under a password/email for this site and still couldn't download even after the first post here was approved by an admin. It wasn't until I associated my Steam account that I finally got it to work. It shouldn't have been this hard to get an .ini that (hopefully) makes the VR perform decently.
  20. Prominente

    Prominente Rookie

    First post
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