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Why I hesitate to play ACC, Why I don't spend more hours in ACC

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by kakusso, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Who?

    LATE4APEX Simracer

    You known, that guy who lost the F1 driver championship last year.
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  3. Ahhhh this guy :D Greets from Germany by the way :)

    LATE4APEX Simracer

    Yep, I feel your pain :(

    Although I'm not from your country.
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  5. Sorry for OT again;)
    I was never the biggest fan of Vettel :oops: so no bad feelings.
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  6. sissydriver

    sissydriver Hardcore Simmer

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  7. Not feeling this game at all at this point and am heavily disappointed with the progress in EA so far.

    Still love Stefano, Aris, Luca, Manu, Simone, etc....

    Hopefully I will be salt free in three months or so when I can drive Brands Hatch with smooth fps, clear HD mirrors, in a car with a livery that I created/downloaded, all in a stable server with similarly skilled pilots.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
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  8. sissydriver

    sissydriver Hardcore Simmer

    okay. it was a bit confusing but i can understand (a little bit...a tiny little bit... really tiny..... ;)) - i was absolutely disappointed after the first minutes but then the brilliant ffb and the brilliant sound - so amazing. and now its so much fun to drive these cars. only the missing triple support stopped me. so i hope you find the love/fun for acc!
  9. Horst1

    Horst1 Simracer

    I dont see how I will ever put nearly as much time into ACC as I did put into AC, since the scope of the game is just so much smaller. IMO its just a fun little game to have (hopefully) some great GT multiplayer races in. But spending hundreds of hours trying different cars alone on track, like I did in AC, simply wont happen since the cars are so similar to each other compared to the amazing variety in AC ... also no Nordschleife ...
    I never expected more so I am not disapointed, but I sure hope we will see AC2 with all that great new polishing in physics, sounds, graphics and UI.
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  10. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I wouldn't describe it as a fun little game, I think it's problem may be it's too serious. It's going to be a lot of work to get good at it, it's going to take work to get your stats up and even things like the quick race seems to be longer than most quick races in other games.

    It will all depend on what kind of frame work they put into the game, how they encourage people to keep trying to get better. It's very much going to be a case of self improvement over winning a game.

    AC will still have it's place, but ACC seems like a serious racing title for people who want serious racing. Like set aside a weekend type of serious racing.
  11. Son

    Son Simracer

    I feel like the rating system is one of the ways that they will keep people engaged, and as you said - getting people to improve. Anyone who races will want to be quicker, and having the rating system is liking someone saying you can be better, and putting the target in front of you. You will keep driving to improve each aspect of the rating, and as you do you will most likely see an improvement in the races you get along the way as you're improving on your rating, which again will keep you engaged.
  12. th3o

    th3o Simracer

    I really look forward to what they have in store for the more single player experience. A career mode but also nice online challenges with leaderboards. I dont know, something like completeing a race of 20min on one set of tyres in place xy or do xy number of pit stops or dont burn more thanx-% of fuel before the finish line. Stuff like that can keep be busy for many hours if they keep pouring challenges in, say, every month.
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  13. Chris 576

    Chris 576 Hardcore Simmer

    We can only hope that the rating system will be incorporated into online play so those of us who want to actually race and improve can without the usual wreckers that appear in AC joining a server. :)
    This may be the case but reading through countless pages to find out doesn't fill me with glee :(
  14. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    What do you mean? The rating system is "incorporated into online play".
  15. Chris 576

    Chris 576 Hardcore Simmer

    I mean I hope servers will be able to set entry levels so as those with low trust, safety and awareness levels can't get access to servers where people want to race and not ram people for the hell of it, similar to what MR allowed in AC
  16. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    What I personally hope for is something like SRS, with monthly mini-leagues (and races every hour). As much as I like the rating systems, I believe the biggest motivation to race well is to do it for a purpose. I think SRS was a huge contribution to MP in AC.
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  17. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I kind of expect them to expand on the special events that way, it's actually a good way to practice things like minding tyres over a long stint. WE haven't done any fuel saving stuff.

    I think that's exactly what the rating system is for.
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  18. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Racer

    I didn't play at all, I'm simulating and I enjoy it very much.
    It's not about the wording, it's an attitude.
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  19. Jordan Louis

    Jordan Louis Gamer

    Easy Q - Because the camera shake, although reduced, still gives me a headache within a few laps. :) The gameplay thread about camera shake was marked as "working on it" so I'm excited and I know given the likes on the thread others are looking forward to that as well. Getting the lock to horizon in the last build was great and that helps.

    As a sim, I still think the Porsche 911 Cup GT3 in AC on Laguna Seca is the benchmark including the good bad weather mod clouds. At 166hz, settings maxed, and experimental FFB enabled (Aris settings) the clarity and depth of view, experience, sound, etc. IMHO has no equal yet. The AI on 100% with other 911 Cup cars is some of the best sim racing I've ever had. Given the track and car can be considered part of the final work done in AC it makes sense it is as good as it is.

    For ACC a 2080ti allows for running at 144hz, most options at Epic but shadows on High (UltraWide 2560x1080). Using temporal isn't ideal but FXAA is worse. It is very playable and I can feel the tires and aero are advanced beyond AC. ACC is basically running the experimental AC FFB, I'm sure that isn't technically accurate but that is how it mostly feels. The out of the box view point in the cars is much improved and almost spot on by default which is nice.

    The track details and general environment, the car details, it is incredible what Kunos is trying to accomplish with ACC. Pulling into the pits at Paul Ricard in the evening in the 488, hitting the pit button, lights flashing, digital dash displays change, impossible even for the most jaded player to not appreciate the immersion the Kunos team is gunning for.

    I have a new respect for ACC with build 4 and finally getting my hands on a 2080ti. Make no mistake, this game needs a beefy GPU, and even AC with the good bad weather textures pushed my ref 1080ti to the limit. There is plenty of work to be done but if I can remove all shaky cam from the cockpit view I think build 5 is going to get a lot of attention.
  20. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    You can disable camera shake. Go to your My Documents > Assetto Corsa Competizione > Config > cameraoptionsea.json, open that file with notepad or some program and change generalMovement from 1 to 0.
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