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Why is it all on the driver?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by MrBungle, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Felge Schneider

    Felge Schneider Hardcore Simmer

    In this two examples, in which "A" is probably the only feasible one, this would be more than enough. In fuel, you basically have two worries, do I have enough or do I have too much and thus am much heavier than the others, we're not talking about finishing with 100ml fuel left. Pressures are obviously also very dependent on the driving style as well, but a rough estimated, which is in maybe a 1.5 psi window could even be realised with a builtin lookup table system without any algorithms.
    Of course, if I had the time, I could just make my spreadsheets for myself by testing, which maybe the pros are already doing, but I also think, we are talking about accesibility a bit.
    Get in a race, no worries about cold or overheating tyres, or fuel load, and have a good time, not getting the last percents of performance out of the car.

    So Lord Kunos' problem with this system (A) is primarily, that the players don't unterstand the inherent imperfection due to different driver styles. And I can completely understand this viewpoint.
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  2. Seven Smiles

    Seven Smiles Gamer

    I'm just wondering if all these people who want to be race engineers as well as drivers start with setups with everything set to minimum or whether they "cheat" and start with the default setup?

    If you want to be a race engineer and a pit crew chief (maybe simulate getting sponsorship deals and handling the team's social media too?) as well as a driver that's fine but it's not what some of us are looking for in a racing game.
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  3. So F1 2020, will be the true sim then XD
  4. Tristan Cliffe

    Tristan Cliffe Simracer

    Racing games have been made for that type of person.
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  5. Olivier Prenten

    Olivier Prenten Simracer

    Am I wrong to think that in-game base setups (safe and aggressive) are very good ?
  6. MrBungle

    MrBungle Racer

    No, you are wrong because you completely misunderstand the thread.

    Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  7. Not exactly everything to minimum to start.
    Something to minimum and something else to maximum.
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  8. Hey guys! Did you know that fuel consumption depends on many things such as tyre pressures :D:D:D?
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  9. Olivier Prenten

    Olivier Prenten Simracer

    I’m so sorry to disturb you MrBungle. By the way, I didn’t misunderstand the thread. I was just asking a question concerning default setups in ACC...
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2020
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  10. bhowe83

    bhowe83 Racer

    Bungle at this point you could have saved the time you spent posting in this thread to just go in the game and run various conditions to get some baseline knowledge. If you think the driver just shows up and drives the car in any level of motorsports you're wrong. But at this point if you don't want to do any calculations and just drive may I suggest moving to GT Sport or Project Cars 3? Even iRacing you can never worry about tire pressures because every single road car is set to minimum pressures regardless of conditions.

    But seriously, you don't need an engineer or an engineering degree (trust me I have one) to set pressures and do some basic fuel calcs. Teams aren't paying engineers to do fuel calcs and adjust pressures, they're on teams to look at telemetry and squeeze every last millisecond of performance from the car from the various setup adjustments they can make.
  11. MrBungle

    MrBungle Racer

    Congratulations on the degree. I still want help with tyre pressure.

    Just an example Jardier the dude everyone obviously knows because he races ACC every day and is very good is always talking about his pressure almost every stream he is in hope that he gets it right and he is very very experienced, and has help with it over discord. Where does that leave the general population?

    I'm not struggling every race I can set it up just fine even if I have 5 mins practicing in fairly similar conditions.

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  12. That is not a point.
    Because probably Jardier could be a **** to set psi .
    Or, and i think this is the reason, he does so many events and with so many distractions (live broadcasting with your face on screen, while reading chat), that it may happen to him to know what to do, read your comment in chat, and forget what to do.
    Also he uses always several cars a day...i mean. Still he gets it right 99% of time.
    This is the same for everybody, and it is the salt of the competition: preparation.
  13. Solution: "Buy Project CARS 3"


  14. MrBungle

    MrBungle Racer

    No thanks, you love the as designed comment so much I'll lavish a bit of praise on you.

    Wow, I never thought of it like that I mean if anyone ever takes issues with any aspect of a game, regardless that I state constantly that i love it and it's all I play, we have you on hand to say "As Designed"

    Thanks man, truly a helpful member of the community right alongside captain hindsight.

    Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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  15. Radfahrer

    Radfahrer Hardcore Simmer

    A retired Gunny from the British Marines whom I was playing ArmA a bunch with had a saying he would recite like a mantra :

    6 P´s, lads ! 6 P´s !

    6 P´s = Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

    Easy, neh ^^
  16. Martiparti87

    Martiparti87 Rookie

    Hire an actual engineer then, like they do in real life.
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  17. kashifm

    kashifm Racer

    Imagine the listing for this..

    "Looking for Engineer with BS to come up with video game setups."
  18. Whipdiddywhip

    Whipdiddywhip Simracer

    yeah it would be nice to have engineers do what they do irl, like fuel calculations etc, make you feel part of an actual team rather than a lone wolf
  19. bhowe83

    bhowe83 Racer

    Where do I apply? Already have the degree lol
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  20. Poor engineers, they are too underestimated. Fuel calculations...
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