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Why so limited pitboxes on tracks?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by FORMULA1FAN71, Jul 25, 2020.


    FORMULA1FAN71 Rookie

    Hi, I’m pretty new to AC and these forums. I got AC in February for the sole purpose of the 1994 ACFL mod. And with limited problems ,unlike rf2 which I’ve had for longer, I’m really enjoying them. I only have 11 hours so far.
    On to the main point, why are the number of cars allowed per track so limited? Most of the tracks have a number much to small to hold a full grid of cars, especially the 1994 pack with 28 cars. Like why are they so small? Rfactor2 has plenty enough “pitboxes” for cars. “Jerez 1994: 14 boxes” uumm press x to doubt that’s even close to the real life number. And what happens to league races? What if there are more participants than boxes? Do they say “nope you, you, and you can’t race and possibly lose out on a championship win”
    Are there any mods or ways to mess with the mods to add more cars? Or are you just stuck racing with half a field or just practice sessions? Eh whatever

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    FORMULA1FAN71 Rookie

    Still no response to this? I have downloaded a mod for 30 total slots at imola. I’m guessing I have to fins one of those for each track.
  4. I would have liked to have seen at least 24 grid slots at Zandvoort. I never did understand why they only provided 18.
  5. Ecnelis

    Ecnelis Hardcore Simmer

    Your question was about some mod and not vanilla content, what did you expect? ;) Ask at the source - ask mod creators. If you want more slots for original AC track - there are many mods, too.

    There are tons and tons of mods with additional grid slots for original AC tracks. For example:

    FORMULA1FAN71 Rookie

    Okay thank you
  7. Yes, but the chances of them being used online are small because most people will not have them. What we needed was an official update, but there is no chance of that now.

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