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Will we ever see oval racing in ac?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Steve Bullitt, May 17, 2015.

  1. Probably never as official mods licensed by Kunos, even though would be awesome and one should never say never, but what about the modding community?...Would you guys be interested in Nascar and Indycar style racing?...
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  3. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    Modders could do what they like, couldn't they? The appropriate cars and tracks?
  4. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    The tracks and cars wouldnt really be an issue but racing rules and regulations are quite a way off for this style of racing. If thats not so inportant Im sure it wouldnt be too hard to make a oval track and cars to go around it fairly realistically minus the racing rules.
  5. djkostas

    djkostas Hardcore Simmer

    There are already 3-4 oval tracks (mods, possibly rips) and some of the cars have enough setup freedom to switch to oval but as already mentioned, it's the rules that are missing, and that makes great difference.
  6. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    I know I'm an oval ignoramus, but isn't the only rule "turn left"?
  7. Brownninja97

    Brownninja97 Alien

    The problem with oval racing is that its just oval racing, you cant get a nascar and lob it at magione or silverstone and not expect death and gizzards spraying everywhere. Basically as the cars have a lot amount of functionality compared to the other cars meaning they will be used less and a track will then have to be laser scanned which will piss off everyone that doesnt like ovals
  8. Niki Đaković

    Niki Đaković Hardcore Simmer

    Damage system has a lot way to go to support Oval racing properly. Bump-drafting also. Eitherway, even when these things get up to great levels I hope ovals keep their stuff in iRacing. For 99% of the time only Americans do it anyway.
  9. snyperal

    snyperal Simracer

    I think one oval track wouldn't hurt. Maybe one with an infiele circuit option? That would be really sweet.
  10. Blame

    Blame Alien

    Turning left and lifting the throttle is not a skill, I've never called NASCAR motorsport, because it isn't - there will be an oval from Monza, that's all you'll get.
  11. AlBahner

    AlBahner Hardcore Simmer

    Probably Daytona, also home to some GT Endurance Races (of which we also have most of the cars) and it's the most famous Oval.
    But also a laser scanned Watkins Glen would be nice in addition, so that oval haters are able to have fun with Nascars aswell (only a mediocre conversion of WG exists).
    It's a great technical and fast track and it also has a concrete carousel ;)

    But I think there won't be any American laser scanned tracks in AC anyway :(
  12. Stereo

    Stereo Alien

    I could say hotlapping alone for 23 hours and then finishing 2nd because the car didn't break is not a skill too... oval tracks lead to much closer racing. But like said above in the thread, close contact at similar pseeds would need to be much less dangerous to make it happen (probably why iRacing's netcode is so good, without it you can't really oval race)
  13. ouvert

    ouvert Alien

    I had very little knowledge about oval racing as I though it is very boring (I still kind of do at least from driving part) ..
    Than I saw one documentary on YT where I could see how much it is going on behind that left turning nonsense.
    Drivers talking to each others, making agreements with competitors during race (to push one car with another through the field), work of spotters beyond spotting and other things I had no idea about .. I still don`t care about it and I`m not gonna wach any race or drive it in any sim but I can see what people enjoy about it ..
    I`ll try find that video in my YT history and if it is allowed I can post it here ...
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  14. snyperal

    snyperal Simracer

    I like this guy's opinions.

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  15. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    I'm not an oval racing fan but I do have respect for it. I started watching NASCAR when I was out of work 20 years ago, the whole races were televised on Mondays in the UK on some obscure satellite channel. I had some time to kill, so gave it a go, either that or day time TV...

    I did enjoy it, the racing was close and unpredictable, the events are long, almost semi endurance and very tactical. There were races almost every weekend, unusual for motorsports. The TV coverage built up the drivers as characters, I can still remember the names now. The atmosphere at the events looked incredible, enormous packed towering grandstands. To dismiss the tracks as just ovals is wrong, there are long and short tracks, D, quad, tri ovals.
  16. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    You aren't trying to say that about the nords 24 hr race lol. 150+ cars in a multicar grid at one of the worlds trickiest and most technical tracks in changing weather over 24hrs. Taking no skill to come 2nd simply because the car doesn't break. :rolleyes:

    Sure Nascar racing takes some skill and the driver has enough of a challenge remembering the turns that he needs spotters to tell him about the other cars around him.
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  17. bigbawmcgraw

    bigbawmcgraw Alien

    I'm no oval fan either but some friends insisted on giving it a try in AC, and I'm glad they did.
    with the Formula Arbarth is bags of fun especially if you're racing in teams. It can be quite tactical and going 3 abreast round the embankment you need strong nerves and a great deal of trust in your fellow drivers.

    Probably not best suited for public servers TBH but sometimes you can get a good crowd of guys who'll wait for everyone to bunch up if there's a crash and start again.
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  18. I'll never be an oval racing junkie but I'd love to try racing some cars around an oval in AC. The closeness of it all would be a far cry from the loneliness, at times, of circuit racing.

    Not better or worse, just different.
  19. Hotdog

    Hotdog Simracer

    Meh, going around in circles isn't my idea of fun but each to their own.
  20. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    Daytona would be a good choice for AC, although I'd imagine the licence costs would be quite high.

    Road and oval courses and I'd imagine off the shelf scan data is available.
  21. Are Daytona and Jacksonville the same track?

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