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WMR minimum requirements

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by trucidatio, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. trucidatio

    trucidatio Gamer

    I've seen the Lenovo Explorer headset with motion controllers on sale (200€) and my friend and I are looking into buying it. He has a 1060gtx and I have a 1070gtx.
    Are these graphic cards enough to play ACC at an acceptable level?

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  3. Oscar1900

    Oscar1900 Racer

    I think we're going to have to wait for more optimization to be done in VR before we know the answer to that question. If you look at my specs in my sig, you will see what I have. I'm running at 45FPS with reprojection on all the time. I get 45 FPS. I'm enjoying it. But many of my settings are med and some are low.
    When I had my 1070, it worked well for AC. But not sure how it would perform in ACC.
  4. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    It's in Early Access and lots of things can change, what CPU are you running? ACC will benefit from a strong CPU. The video card should be enough to run in VR but I'm not sure what graphics settings you'll be happy with. You probably won't be able to run it in "Ultra everything", I think that's a safe bet.
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  5. trucidatio

    trucidatio Gamer

    I have an old Intel i5, I guess that there's a lot of room for improvement in this regard...
    To be honest, I don't know what kind of graphic level I'd be happy with. I've only tried an oculus rift for an hour or so some months ago, I have too little experience to know. What I know is that VR comes with its own drawbacks, I'm totally aware of this. So I'm not expecting 4k levels of definition and everything ultra. :) I just would like to know what a good starting point would be in terms of hardware, because I've heard that WMR headsets are less demanding.
  6. Oscar1900

    Oscar1900 Racer

    I'm not sure that the WMRs are less demanding. They actually have higher resolutions. Vive (not the pro) and Rift have 1080x1200 per eye. While most WMRs are 1440x1440 per eye. The Odyssey I have is the same resolution as the Vive Pro at 1440x1600 per eye.
    What WMRs do have that is really good is the reprojection logic. Running at 45FPS is totally acceptable for me, and for what I read for a lot of people. That gives you more headroom to bump up your graphics. I'm sure that Rift and Vive also have good reprojection, I just don't have experience with them so I can't comment.
    But like I, and Rudski, have said, this is Early Access and things might (will) change.
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  7. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    If you read around on the forums lots of VR users have found some decent tweaks to get some performance. What you can do is buy it now and then test it. If you're not happy with the current performance you can return it via steam refund as long as you don't spend over two hours using the software. Keep an eye out on the time, two hours goes fast and that includes staying in the menus before you start the race.
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  8. alex bonner

    alex bonner Racer

    It's hard to get ACC to run well in VR even with very high end systems.

    The 1070 will be fine as a mate has been running a Lenovo on it with no complaints using a 8600k. The 1060's a very close to minimum spec but there are a few tricks you can use but not really sure if ACC is optimized enough to get a playable experience.
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