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Working flag / Marshall system part of AC's roadmap?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Ben Lee, May 31, 2014.

  1. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee Alien

    I was just wondering, is a working flag system going to be part of the sim? Either simple flag zones or even animated flag waving marshals etc?
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  3. Big Engine

    Big Engine Simracer

    I don't know (and honestly don't care too much ) about animated flags/marshals but I really hope that we will have a flag system for the V1

    But as I wrote is just what I would like to see, I don't have any information of when it is coming (or if it is coming, but I'm quite sure that being a basic feature we will have it sooner or later)
  4. Jebus

    Jebus Alien

    Animated flag marshalls along with full flag rules would be awesome, essential even, for immersion sake. I'm all for this kind of "little" details.
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  5. pclipse

    pclipse Racer

    If there isn't some sort of penalty/flag system. Multiplayer will be a ****show. People rejoin the track as if they own the thing without yielding. In qualifying, first lap players with cold tires, will try and defend their "position". YIELD!
  6. WildStyle*

    WildStyle* Racer

    Yeah...Really need penalties for crossing the pit line aswell...Been a case where we just start and I'm slowly moving out of the pits creating a gap, bam someone drives into me -.- Like seriously? we are going 60! And then on track same thing first lap taking it easy nope someone just wants to have a fight, relax! And then when the race starts, Don't break late! Jesus I break not only before my regular raceline, but have to avoid every single ***** coming from behind Me.
  7. KevinM

    KevinM Gamer

    From my experience online and offline, we really need yellow flags, blue flags, and black flags.
    The throttle cut should be replaced with normal penalties, like a drive-through or disqualification.

    I imagine that this stuff will be addressed sooner or later. It'd be neat if there was a list somewhere on here of all of the features that have been mentioned.
    Could even make it a poll. The idea is that we would know that Kunos knows that we want certain things to be addressed.
    After several years lurking on the LFS forums, it is clear to me that something needs to be done to mitigate begging and ****-posting.
  8. pclipse

    pclipse Racer

    ^ YES!

    This exactly.
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  9. Yes Please!
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  10. Kevin Wolfe

    Kevin Wolfe Racer

    I've turned off the throttle penalty feature. it's much more fun without it.

    it stops stuff like when the throttle is cut mid corner, the car's weight shifts and the back steps out...
  11. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    I'm 100% for a flag system and drive through/stop go penalties.
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  12. Sean

    Sean Simracer

    NKpro had a cool little yellow flag animation at the side of the track. I too hope we will get nice Flag implementation for release.

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