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Wsp&rgt spanish assetto corsa racing league - gtr - gt3

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Blame110, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Blame110

    Blame110 Rookie


    Last Race Video:

    In Spanish First:

    Hola a todos, en wspracingteam.es y racinggteam.com llevamos muchos años organizando competiciones online, desde que salio el assetto hemos comenzado una andadura de la cual estamos disfrutando y a la cual invitamos a todo el mundo a unirse.

    La información sobre la serie de este mes con el nissan gtr la tenéis en este post:

    Nuestras series son de uno o dos meses de duración y todo el mundo esta invitado, eso sí siempre cumpliendo nuestra reglamentación de comportamiento en pista y demás que podeis consultar aqui.


    Hi Everyone! In Wspracingteam.es and racingGteam.com we are being celebrating an assetto corsa competition since January, and we are enjoying it very much. We are proud to share our competition with everyone who wants to join us!!

    You can read more about this month nissan gtr competition in this link:

    Ours Series are one or two months length and everyone is invited, obviously you cant break the rules. Our series are well sanctioned, you cant read our rules here

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