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Generic XB1/PS4 The BEST controller settings... PERIOD!!!

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by BiggNasty187, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. BiggNasty187

    BiggNasty187 Gamer

    I've worked hard on these settings post 1.03 patch to bring you DRIVEABILITY!!!

    I'm happy to share my controller settings with you all as I know some of you are experiencing twitchy car control, and even pulling to one side due to no effective deadzone.

    I honestly feel that the major issues have been solved by these settings.

    -Twitchiness is reduced

    -Artificial deadzone to cancell out pulling to one side

    -Relaxed but precise steering input from 0 to 25% steering range, then ramps up after that for good mid corner steering.

    -Great high speed corner entry control

    -Good low speed stability

    -Good lock to lock response to catch a slide.


    Vibration intensity ------ 100% (user preference)

    Speed Sensitivity --------- 100%

    Steering Speed ------------ 18%

    Steering Deadzone ------ *** ( 0% - 100% HAS NO EFFECT IN GAME!! )

    Steering Filter ------------- 48%

    Steering Gamma --------- 3.9

    (Reducing the "Virtual Wheel Rotation Limit" to 300° or less will help the hands look more appropriate for controller driving. This option is in the VIDEO tab )

    Please let me know what you guys think.


    *****Kunos, you need to fix the deadzone setting being inoperable, that is just nuts that it doesn't work.******

    *****Kunos, you need to give the "SPEED SENSITIVITY" setting another 300% more authority!!*****

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  3. tony wenham

    tony wenham Rookie

    yes this seems to work thanks
  4. Vibration intensity ------ 100% (user preference)

    Speed Sensitivity --------- 100%

    Steering Speed ------------ 0%

    Steering Deadzone ------ 0% (less lockup)

    Steering Filter ------------- 0%

    Steering Gamma --------- 1.5
  5. Dying_Snail

    Dying_Snail Gamer

    Thank you, but for me it's no cigar it's just not like the pre patch feel, and that was IMO perfect at default just can't get on with the new algorithm for the controller.

    Thanks Kunos for the wasted £57.
  6. Dying_Snail

    Dying_Snail Gamer

    Edit: sorry on phone and it posted twice.
  7. Monkey-CH

    Monkey-CH Rookie

    I agree with Dying_Snail. This new pad steering has now destroyed the game and is a pain to drive now. The pad steering before that new patch was right good (much better) and I can't understand why they have changed that. This has ruined the game.
  8. giulianbu

    giulianbu Rookie

    is useless to change the values, the pad is buggy and CALIBRATED MALE !!!! Shame to those who have tested and calibrated the Pad, Kunos have failed, do not listen to the customers and make of your head, the game unplayable shame !!!
  9. How do I change the handling being so twitchy
  10. Dying_Snail

    Dying_Snail Gamer

    Support are passing this issue of to the devs to see what they can do, see the quote below.

  11. BiggNasty187

    BiggNasty187 Gamer

    If your using my settings and its still twitchy, then increase the steering filter by 1 at a time. But much more than 50 and things slow to a point where lock to lock time starts to get compromised.
  12. Kubr0

    Kubr0 Racer


    Translated into PS4/x1 settings they would go as follows:

    Steering Sensitivity 25%
    Steering Speed 100%
    Filter 82%
    Deadzone 4%
    Gamma 220%

    Any setting which doesn't utilize 100% steering speed is simply useless, rendering your reactions slower. You need to be able to whirl that wheel to its full potential in order to be competitive with a controller. I guess the setting would feel a bit better with the deadzone working. The most important wheel movement is always happening around the center of the stick, thats where you need the most precision.
    HavanaB0B and alan broughton like this.
  13. Plato99

    Plato99 Simracer

    Your settings work superb.
    They've transformed the game for me. Only thing I've tweaked is the visual steering lock to 240 degrees.
    Thanks for sharing.
  14. Kubr0

    Kubr0 Racer

    Very welcome! Actually, in the guide itself (on Steam), I'm advising to limit the virtual steering wheel lock to whatever below 300 ;) Makes the feeling from cockpit much more pleasant, especially with roadcars which have by default full 900 degrees ;)
  15. Plato99

    Plato99 Simracer

    It actually feels like the visual hands/wheel, tyres, and controller inputs are now reading from the same page.
  16. Thanks for these settings bro
    Kubr0 likes this.
  17. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    I've spent around 10 hours trying to get the settings right, I'm happy with them now so if they do change them,, well they better find a way to do it that doesn't mess my settings up again.
    Give these setting a try, I've just finished fine tuning them right now.

    Speed sensitivity: 75.

    Steering speed: 75.

    Dead zone: don't matter.

    Steering filter: 62.

    Steering Gamma:3.0 ( try 2.2 if you like).

    Steering animation at 300. Tried with various cars.
  18. HavanaB0B

    HavanaB0B Hardcore Simmer

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I can actually push the car with these settings and not twitch off the track when trying to make any corrections!
    Kubr0 likes this.
  19. OpaPiet

    OpaPiet Rookie

    I do not have those settings in my PS4 setup menu!
  20. Sorry for this MEGABUMP, but...

    Which are the best settings known today for AC (Not ACC) on a PC with an Xbox One X controller?

    I have been looking at the settings recommended but im not sure how that gamm settings should be translated into the game?
  21. kjellezy

    kjellezy Gamer

    Use settings from Kubro.

    Speed Sensitivity 75
    Steering Speed 100
    Deadzone 0-5 or whatever
    Filter 82
    Gamma 2.2

    If u find the steering to fast, try alter/raise speed sensitivity, filter and/or gamma to your preference.

    I play on ps4, don’t know how settings menu look on pc.

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