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Xbox controller and serious attitude

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by romandevision, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Friends, I have a small problem, and maybe even ainferiority complex - I use the xbox controller. :(

    The reason for this is the insufficient number of places in the apartment where I live now (my house is being built, it will be completed in a year and a half and then I can collect the cockpit).

    Can the controller be as fast (as possible) as with the steering wheel? I would like to participate in the championships, but I am afraid that I will be much worse, although I think that I normally use the potential of the controller.


    At the moment I am looking for optimal settings, so you can help users by sending your settings. I will collect information and write it in this post. I propose to leave the time of the Nurburgring lap, it has many different types of turns and several straight lines - I consider it optimal.

    At the moment there is only one recommendation - do not use the standard settings. You will not be competitive.

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019

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  3. Salvatore Amato

    Salvatore Amato Simracer

    man I am only 7 tens slower with my pad (logitech f310, no vibrations sadly :( ...).
    Try these settings:
    dead zone 0
    speed dependance 70 ( it's something like force feedback)
    filter 0
    gamma 3.0
    wheel rotation speed 15

    With these settings you can drive enough precise and you will also be able to perform corrections during the corner! The problem is that you will be too fast compared with you handling of the car, so just dont race anyone who's as fast as you.

    Another thing that will help you a lot with pad is the setup. But remember that the setups I have done work only for 488 and are not fast at all, but extremely safe.
    Let me know how you feel with the pad settings and tell me if you need the setup too, if you drive 488!
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  4. Friend, thanks for the settings - after work I will test them with 488 (I usually drive AMR V12 and Emil Frey Jaguar, I will also try with them), and then I will write a review here.

    Also thanks for the advice!
  5. Salvatore Amato

    Salvatore Amato Simracer

    Another thing that can help you a lot is the technic you use:
    Find a position of the finger you are confortable with and never, never turn the stick completely.
    Stick borders are like evil ok? try to be as a fluid on the stick ( I don't know how to explein this honestly, just try to be smooth).

    There is another technic you can use. This technic is good to learn in the first period, it is very reliable but you need to remember to do it every corner:
    When you start driving, put the stick on the top! When you want to steer just follow the circle from top cornering the limits, but never arrive to 90°!
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  6. Thank you, take note of the advice! I roughly understand what you mean ;)

    At Nurburgring my best lap times: 1: 58.677 (Emil Frey Jaguar, 10 laps testing, average time does not exceed 1: 59: xx) - is this a normal result?
  7. Salvatore Amato

    Salvatore Amato Simracer

    I had 53.1 with wheel and 54.0 with pad ;) just let me know how you feel.
    Once you find a suitable environment for you, it is only a matter of drive!
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  8. Wow, for me at the moment it is unreal) But this is very important information!

    I think with all the above, my testing will be very stubborn :)
  9. I suppose it depends on the game, and how well controllers work within that game. Most people will have heard of Raceboy77, a legend with a controller. He switched from a controller to a wheel, and is actually slower with a wheel in his chosen games.
  10. Salvatore Amato

    Salvatore Amato Simracer

    it took 2 month to catch my speed with pad, when I bought g29!
    Anyway @romandevision dont judge it after 2 laps. have 20 at least!
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  11. As I understand it, he plays Forza? Unfortunately, I have never played this game and can not say anything.
  12. forza is optimized best played with a controller in my opinion. I am faster on the same track same car in ACC, then I am in forza with a wheel, because the ffb is not very good in forza.
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  13. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    what type of xBox controller do you have?
  14. GoBo

    GoBo Gamer

    I think It's better to use something like this:

    There is also a XB360 and DS4 version, you can find it in ebay or DIY with a 3d printer. If anyone have it or check it, please let us know.
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  15. Salvatore Amato

    Salvatore Amato Simracer

  16. TF5-00004
  17. It looks funny) But I would like to use sticks ;)
  18. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    I'm using an xBox elite with extended triggers and thumb sticks which helps a lot. I can get decent times (55's Nurb) however for longer sessions and outright pace nothing beats a wheeled setup. There is a lot of time you can find mainly under braking with a good pedal box setup.

    Here is my xB1 setup if you would like to give it a go. Please keep in mind I turn off any steam controller interaction. I like a sensitive, linear GPAD however I also want the virtual wheel to turn in a realistic manor.

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  19. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Interesting add on however for me I don't like how you have to take your right thumb of the steering when using the ABXY buttons and I find the gears mapped to the bumpers weird. That grip position looks unnatural to me and I think would be painful after a 20-30 min race.

  20. At the moment I am testing the settings @Salvatore Amato, but unfortunately so far unsuccessfully (perhaps, I have crooked hands:)). This is strange, but I could not use them with the 488, as there was a constant feeling of understeer, it also applied to the Emil Frey Jaguar GT3, but they fit the AMR V12 well (paradox!:eek:). Then I will try yours settings and also leave a review).

    Tell me the cars you use for these settings?

    If everything works out, then I will try in 1 post to write options for the settings and the cars which is most suitable for them.
  21. [PLEASE NOTE] Updated the first post. You can help the community by sending your settings in this thread and the time of the Nurburgring lap.

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