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XB1 Xbox One Assetto Corsa: No servers found...

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by Rickie, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Rickie

    Rickie Rookie

    Started around February 7th, 2020

    First of all, I’ve been trying for over a month and a week now to get up with Kunos regarding this problem by using there Contact form at the bottom of the website. Every time I sent the form I also got a confirmation that it went threw. I have sent well over 15 and never got a single response and like I stated. It’s been over a month and a week now and I am beginning to really get frustrated over this as Assetto Corsa is the only game I really even play on the Xbox One. So I haven’t been on for over a month now.

    That’s a month for Xbox live and for my warranty on my Fanatic equipment out the window!

    I did the usual hard reset of the Xbox most know to do to fix the (No servers found...) problem and that didn’t work. I’ve done it many times! As well my Xbox does it every time I turn it off anyway as it’s set on Energy saving mode.
    Didn’t work which I thought was odd as it always did before.

    I’ve reset my modem many times. Didn’t work!
    Network always on: OPEN

    Uninstalled the game From my external hard drive and installed on the Xbox and that didn’t work.
    so I just reinstalled it back on the external hard drive is that wasn’t the problem.

    I then tried signing in through all three of my different accounts and that didn’t work as well.

    Tried joining friends playing and that didn’t work.
    Says: Error retrieving data...

    I even tried unplugging the Xbox for a day, The ethernet cord and that did nothing as well.

    I just find it very odd that this is happening to me it seems I’ve done everything I can on my end and it’s not fixing the problem. But even more odd, that I’ve contacted Kunos so many times and so long ago and I don’t get any response!!! I mean, if it’s saying my messages where going threw I would have thought I would have gotten a response a long time ago and it would have been fixed by know.
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  2. Will Keen

    Will Keen Rookie

    I know exactly how you feel, I bought the game on my xbox just for the multiplayer and I've never been able to connect to the online part of the game, and I can't find a fix for it anywhere. It's a shame as its one of the best games I've played with my wheel.
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  3. Dezzie420

    Dezzie420 Rookie

    Add me on xbox I have a possible fix : X DeZZie420 X
  4. Pirataa

    Pirataa Rookie

    same is happening to me do you habe a fix?
  5. Diablo2000

    Diablo2000 Rookie

    SERVER DOWN AC FOR XBOX X , after two weeks i see any server for play online. please fix this problem. i sent many email but i haven't answer for this problem !!!!!
  6. Benftptp

    Benftptp Rookie

    I’m having the same issue now on ACC, I have not been able to race online at all since launch

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