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Xbox One Install HDD (Internal / External)

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by ZeroPT, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. ZeroPT

    ZeroPT Rookie

    I had some issues with the framerate, but after moving the game to the internal HDD the game is smoother and playable, I have also done a restart after moving the game.
    I played and streamed to the PC at the same time, so I could capture the game-play at 60 fps.
    This is not free of slowdowns, but after 2 hours of gameplay in race weekend it was very stable.

    Other issues found:
    - Viewing replay and changing the camera, it will keep that change to the game-play.
    - Using wheel we cannot use the LT/RT buttons or the pedals to change MIN/MAX, I'm using the Fanatec with CSL Wheel and it has dedicated buttons to LT/RT. I need to connect a controller if I need this function.

    Minors issues or it just me :)
    - Intro video, for me the sound is too loud.
    - AI appears to be too much difficult even in the Easy selection.
    - Replay only show the last 3 minutes.

    I had some other issues with the pedals not working and some difficulty adjusting the FFB, I don't know why or what I have done, but this problems disappeared.
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  3. Rockefelluh

    Rockefelluh Rookie

    Huh, usually the opposite performance (better) installing on external HDD!
  4. I will give this a try. But usually the external hdd works better for most games.
  5. Snackman

    Snackman Gamer

    Doesn't change anything for me. The game still stutters.
  6. ZeroPT

    ZeroPT Rookie

    I played again and for me the game is stable right now.

    I'm also in the "xbox preview" and don't know if this has some issues with the game.
  7. Didd31

    Didd31 Rookie

    I just tested, it's strange indeed that the frame rate seem to be a little better on internal drive, that it is on my external that is yet more efficient!.

    But It's still all too unstable times, to be really fun to drive, especially in slow curves and when the tires squeal.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2016
  8. ZeroPT

    ZeroPT Rookie

    Ok, this could be only a coincidence. Sorry for not work for you and the others that tried it.
    I don't know why, but for me the game is stable. There are still issues but the extreme framerate drop disappear.

    Let's wait for a fast update to resolve this more severe problems.
  9. PCars had the same problem whilst installed on external HDD.
    Anyway I still have too much frame rate drops but thank you for your Idea.
    Let's hope for a fix. So we can have a good race without these Forza crashkids :)
  10. Didd31

    Didd31 Rookie

    it works for me ZeroPT , not a lot better but it works better on internal drive ..... sorry if my English is not very accurate ;-)
  11. I have moved the game to internal hard disk. It is a little bit better then imo

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