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Xbox One multiplayer frame rate

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Capirossi, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Capirossi

    Capirossi Racer

    I decided to try some online racing today - well not racing exactly, it was a multiplayer practice session at Nordsleife Tourist. I thought it would be a good way to put some time in with other humans without it getting too messy.

    Trouble was, as new people joined the lobby the frame rate took a nose dive! I don't know how bad it got in terms of numbers, but it was more like a series of stills than a moving picture, and impossible to drive.

    I'm also having the screen tearing issue across the whole game, that has been widely reported.

    The thing is, I absolutely love the physics in this game. It's hands down the best game on the Xbox for the actual driving experience, imho. I can put up with the lack of control customisation (although I can't believe there's no way to look behind you, other than the mirrors), and even the clunky menus aren't a deal breaker for me, but the frame rate and screen tearing need fixing - PRONTO!!

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  3. pete rankin

    pete rankin Rookie

    it's bloody awful.
  4. Steve32

    Steve32 Simracer

    I cant help with the main part of your post but the part I have quoted press your look left + right buttons together should look behind :)
    Capirossi likes this.
  5. pavano

    pavano Simracer

    fix is on the way, according to Stefano

    min 12:30
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2016
  6. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Hey! We are fully aware of an issue with the frame rate on Xbox One. Our team have been working hard on a fix and you can expect it this week!
  7. Borez

    Borez Gamer

    That's a very interesting video. After watching it I have a whole load more respect for the devs. Never knew the dev team was so small.

    Damn good job is all I can say after that, keep on doing what you're doing.

    Guitar playing isn't half bad either.
  8. Capirossi

    Capirossi Racer

    Thanks for the tip Steve, trouble is, the way the controls are configured the look left/right buttons are opposite sides of the d-pad, so they can't be pressed simultaneously.
  9. Capirossi

    Capirossi Racer

    Thanks guys, I think you've done an amazing job with this for the most part, I understand that a lot of processing power is being used by the physics engine and it's gonna take time to iron out the wrinkles.

    On another note, I've had a suggestion from another forum member regarding looking behind you whilst driving, but this can't be done with the current button mapping. Can we expect to be able to customise this in the future?
    Hammerpgh likes this.
  10. Steve32

    Steve32 Simracer

    hmm thats a bit silly what wheel is it you using, I know on PS4 they have a handy feature in accessibility where you essentially custom map your buttons to different buttons example change square to dpad left and so forth dont have an xbone does it have a similar feature somewhere?

    If not hopefully Kunos will make it like pc so you can customise your button mappings.

    Did a quick google it seems xbox do have a remapping feature using the xbox accessories app it is mainly for the xboxone pad dont know if this would transfer to the wheel could be worth a try though :)

    Last edited: Aug 30, 2016
    Capirossi likes this.
  11. WNCmotard

    WNCmotard Racer

    That remap only works for the game pad on the XB1 for some silly reason, not on wheels. Leave it to microsloth I guess. Really hoping that KS drops a patch to allow custom mapping in game, ala Pcars.
    Capirossi likes this.
  12. Chicolini

    Chicolini Rookie

    That's great! Can we also expect a fix for this issue on PS4 soon?
    Capirossi likes this.
  13. Seb007

    Seb007 Gamer

    the patch went online last night, great work Kuno

    The game now runs really very smooth, even in the Multiplayer
    And also the steering angle of the car will be provided automatically.

    Keep it up
    Capirossi likes this.
  14. Rocket77

    Rocket77 Gamer

    Thanks for Tuesday's patch ac. Multiplayer is playable.
  15. Capirossi

    Capirossi Racer

    Thanks again man, I was gonna check this out but WNCmotard already has and it's a no go :(. I'm sure Kunos will sort this properly in time though, from what I've seen so far they are very passionate and rightly proud of their game. They won't want little issues like this spoiling the fun ;)
  16. Capirossi

    Capirossi Racer

    I'm sure they will.
  17. ppbucko

    ppbucko Hardcore Simmer

    Hi tried multiplayer last night after patch, runs much smoother than before, still got massive frame rate issues when people join the lobby during qualifying. Still got the biggest problem with multiplayer though, people playing destruction derby, and there lies the problem, with out private lobby's the multiplayer isn't worth bothering with. So it's back to p cars and f1 2016, this is a shame because this game has promise.
  18. Rocket77

    Rocket77 Gamer

    There are drivers, picking up the game for the 1st time, and going straight into multiplayer causing colossal carnage at turn 1 and 2 simply because they've not practiced or used other game modes to get to grips with the cars and circuits. There are also (unfortunately) the groups of drivers homing in on quick drivers and taking them out so they can win the race through unsporting conduct on the track. Racing does require etiquette, skill, and the ability to react well in any situation. The fun is spoilt by the un-necessary unsporting behaviour of other gamers. Regarding the frame rate issue following the recent patch, I find no issues with this following the update. Could there be another source causing the issue? (Input lag from TV set or incorrect HDMI output setting from console to TV?).
  19. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Guys, regarding the FPS drops when someone joins the lobby: there have been bad drops on the PC at some point. While this is annoying it's also kind of a good sign because it's most likely no performance bottleneck of the consoles but rather some non-ideal behaviour of the server. So it's something that can be sorted out. And I'm sure Kunos will just like they did on PC.

    Seeing some videos of XBox 1 racing the big drops really look like glitches to me...no actual performance issues of GPU and CPU. Just a gut feeling from running into weird graphics issues on PC in the past.
    Rocket77 likes this.
  20. Rocket77

    Rocket77 Gamer

    I was racing, today, at spa, gt3. I've not noticed any frame rate issue, following the patch, until one driver joined this lobby today. This drivers car was skating left and right, the screen was jumping, frame rate distorted, not only did I miss a gear, this drivers car teleported one side of the track to the other, and spun my car multiple times. Following, this driver left the lobby, and the lobby was fine from then on.
    LeDude83 likes this.
  21. MBK72

    MBK72 Hardcore Simmer

    The problems with online multiplayer on the Xbox One are back today and worse than ever. Previously it took a few laps for the lag/stutter to begin, now it is there from the start. The video does no justice to the slowdown I encountered here the game was truly unplayable.


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