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Xbox One patch finally there! Post your findings here?

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by RWa, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. ComplexRoger

    ComplexRoger Rookie

    Black cat is so nice track , framerate is better as well said.Very easy dificulty is really easy . I like .
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  2. giulianbu

    giulianbu Rookie

    now with the pad it is unplayable !!!! It was the most important thing to fix and you you make it even more horrible than before, but what are you doing? I can not buy a coast steering wheel too! I want to play with the pad as of project cars that at least it works fine.
  3. sgtcandy

    sgtcandy Rookie

    I was really enjoying the realism of this game before today's update. Now it feels like any other generic Forza type game. Personally, very disappointed now with the steering through the controller. Everything gets dumbed down sooner or later.
  4. Raikku

    Raikku Racer

    It seems that problem with setting gamma still permanently ruins pad-steering. I changed it and now even if I put it back its former value, steering pulls right and its undriveable. And also pad steering after patch were much more
    worse than before patch. Have to say that with wheel everything felt better, mainly better/more stable fps which also makes ffb better. But pad-situation is disaster as it is now.
  5. Why should the fps be better with wheel?
    As I reduced deadzone prepatch to 0 I have no issue with pulling to the right. Maybe that helps too.
  6. I've texted the steering some laps and I'm not completely happy with it.
    The throttle response now like it should. Not with this hidden TCS and launchcontrol like before. Even throttle calibration is know 100 % that's really positive in my view because the cars where to easy to drive for a serious racing simulator. Thats only a matter of time and practice.
    One thing I didn't like is that the cars now turning to much even if you didn't push the thumbstick much to the left or right. I don't know which setting I must use to reduce that. That makes it a bit tricky to turn into fast corners.
    I would prefer the prepatch x axis settings. But throttle is now much more like it should be in my eyes.
    But the steering seems a bit to sensitive. But maybe it's really a question of time and practice. And right setting.
    I'm more than glad that I bought a wheel two weeks ago. And I would recommend everyone to do the same if u have the money. Even games like pcars are now a different world.
    Playing Sims with is a compromise that taken to much away from the experience. I know it's not helpful. But two weeks ago I was sitting in the same boat, until I realized that a wheel is a must. Even with the settings prepatch. In Assetto corsa you loose to much time over the distance with a controller. And with a wheel you can control much easier tire temps.
    But the steering into corners felt really better prepatch.
  7. RWa

    RWa Simracer

  8. Raikku

    Raikku Racer

    If you have played/drove pc-sims you know how higher fps's make ffb much better* than low or changing fps's. And now when this XOne-version has higher and more stable fps's, it makes force feedback with wheel better.

    *Like when I drive pc-version of AC with 150-210fps or iRacing in similar figures, ffb is much better than with sub 100fps's.
  9. Dying_Snail

    Dying_Snail Gamer

    I've raised a ticket with 505games and there passing it on to the devs to look into about the setting on pad I'm on ps4 but it looks like it effecting both ps4 and X1.
    If you too are having issues with it go to the link below and issue a ticket the more that rise tickets the more likely it is that kunos will do something about it.


    Oh for anyone interested here's a link to the thread about this for ps4 just in case you wanted to read up on where were up to.

    Last edited: Oct 7, 2016
  10. Works better than before. Tuning panel is more realistic.
  11. Throttle pedal is still wrong calibrated!!!!
    Really disappointed that they didn't fix that.
    Ffb is shaking like crazy when I brake and drive through slow corners.
    I mean that is a simulation and wheel support for the g920 is simply horrible.
    I defend the devs and wrote a good review on xbox. But after this I'm really disappointed because they wrote that they fix the issues.
    They have done nothing :( full throttle when I push the pedal 30%. How can be something overseen?
    Why whe get no calibration options in a racing sim. I can't believe it. Didn't touch the game for weeks and as it seems they find it ok like it is. Break pedal is still the same too. Seriously :(
    It's still the same issue like on controller pre patch. Throttle only 30 % or less of the axis and a delay. The throttle didn't rrsponse instantly. Even with all assists off it feel like launch controled. A 600 PS GT3 didn't accelerate that gentle. But with only 30% of the pedal way it would be uncontrollable. If that not been fixed the game is useless and I'm sell my copy. It's a real shame I wsit one and half month and than that.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2016
  12. I have a G920 and it works well without any issue's other than not being able to adjust the brake travel, so its not affecting every user!
  13. I can't imagine that I'm the only one who have full throttle at 30%. Maybe you should go into neutral and push the pedal full and then release it. You would see that the rpm are stay max until you release the pedal to 30% or so. When you driving without assists you will notice it.
    I have to g920 here and it's with both the same.
    When you drive cars like the upcoming Porsche 917 you'll will need all the range.
    And for me it's a issue that you can calibrate your axis in a racing game.
    At the moment the game feels different to the pc version. There you have to be much more gentle with throttle. Compare that lotus f1 style car and you notice instantly the difference.
    Kunos said that whe get the same experience what physics belong and thats not true. No option to change track conditions.
    Then you can't change the buttons. working well seems to me different. When people drive with TCS and stability control maybe then it works well. But I bought that game to drive complete without any assists. And for that I didn't work well to me.
  14. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Try to press down the pedal when you are in the setup screen, sometimes you need to do that on pc too.
  15. BBernes

    BBernes Racer

    Unplug the wheel, reboot the Xbox and wait til it is finished. Plug the wheel back in and depress all the pedals 3 times. Start the game with your wheel and it should be calibrated.
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    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    I used to solve the pull to right problem by going to settings and selecting wheel as control method and then back to controller - should reset it....then leave gamma alone - don't know if it's the same problem - I'm on a wheel now.....
  17. TDS

    TDS Alien

    Realism with a gamepad? cmon your post makes no sense whatsoever.
    get a used wheel and enjoy AC is it should be enjoyed.
    than come back here and tell us what you think after the "with wheel" testdrive,
    i tell you right now.. careful cause you will be addicted :)
  18. Thanks for your try to help. But the issue still exists. Wenn ich push the pedal less then half down the car give full throttle. The exactly same issue was before 1.03 on controller. I'm not sure if you guys know what I mean. A guy with a thrustmaster wheel have the same issue. It's not a hardwareproblem. They had not give the wheels full possible range.
    My wheel works perfect with project cars, fm6, f1 2015, f1 2016 and dirt rally. So it's no problem with the wheel or the calibration over xbox operation system.
    Like I wrote I have at the moment two wheels here, because one must send back, because the leather on wheel isn't okay. So I have tested both.
  19. hrp0519

    hrp0519 Rookie

    patch not working. it still lagging. frame work is not good. please fix.
  20. giulianbu

    giulianbu Rookie

    instead it's your speech that makes no sense, the wheel will not everyone can afford it and this does not mean that a racing game is not playable with a pad! in all the games I tested Assetto Corsa is the only one to be calibrated very badly for the pad and it is a shame !!! It had been guaranteed by Marco Massaruto himself that the pad would be otimizzato at best and instead is unplayable !!!!! these things make me angry a lot.
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