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Xbox One patch finally there! Post your findings here?

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by RWa, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. TDS

    TDS Alien

    don't be angry, be happy :)
    I just can't understand how can AC be realistic with a pad.
    tried it with xbox pad once when my wheel was in RMA and it feels horrible to me, and it aways been like that since early access.
  2. so they had to put an advert like " playable only with the wheel " .. a console come out by default with the pad, a game must have to be setted to be played with the default setup ...and not everybody have money or the space to put a wheel setup to play.
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  3. TDS

    TDS Alien

    yep . its playable with a pad.. but it feels like 1% of what AC can do with a wheel.
  4. myimac

    myimac Alien

    My problem isn't to do with the pad only, the frame rate is too bad to enjoy. So far my Sunday has had 5 full races. Every single one of them my place was determined by the game stuttering and going to about 10 FPS and making me lose control. This game on Xbox 1 right now is less about driving and more hoping that you can see the corner before you crash.

    My last race it was so bad it wasn't actually recognising the gear inputs to change up during the stuttering. Anybody that follows me on this forum will see I'm a massive advocate of this game, but I can't recommend the Xbox version for sure as I think anybody that tries it will never ever touch AC again
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  5. no itsnt after the 1.03, it was on previous version , got it now ? and so tell me .. where i have to put a wheel if i dont have the space for that ?? i have to buy a new home for playing a game? funny
  6. RoccoTTS

    RoccoTTS Hardcore Simmer

    You don't need much space for a wheel, a used to have a wheel stand pro, it works perfect and not much space needed.
    This is not my pic, just a pic from the net :
  7. i dont have space for that ... my tv is in front of my bed...

    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    I am currently participating in a hotlapping challenge and there are some very quick times from all of us - the bloke up at the top is on a controller and everyone else is on a wheel - nuff said?
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