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XB1 Xbox One Update v 1.14 OUT NOW

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by AC_CM505, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    We're super excited to announce that Assetto Corsa Update v 1.14 is available to download NOW on Xbox One!

    Thanks to our community once again for your continued show of support, your patience and understanding.

    - AC_CM505

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  3. myimac

    myimac Alien

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  4. Gysepy

    Gysepy Gamer

    I k ew I should have called in sick !!!! Looking forward to this when I get home this evening. Thank you Devs for the hard work in getting this out.
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  5. Bu11it88

    Bu11it88 Rookie

    Could you post a Change-Log? Especially what problems were fixed, I think we all are aware of the new features.
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  6. FrenzKTM

    FrenzKTM Rookie

    Thank you :)
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  7. Cyberdyne systems

    Cyberdyne systems Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks! Can't wait to get home and try it :D
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  8. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    I am happy for the xbox users! Enjoy!
  9. Raikku

    Raikku Racer

    Nice, now I don't have to watch porn on today evening. Going to fire up AC instead.
  10. _reborn_

    _reborn_ Gamer

    i am excited, great update, smoother performance, nice new cars, adjustable cockpitview... and not to forget the championships, plus the onlinelobbys. on xbox one there is no other raceing game in simmode that can challenge ac. it was defnitly worth the long wait. thanks for the update :)
  11. Raikku

    Raikku Racer

    Adjustable cpit view is the most important thing in this. Although dashboard view is ok in most cars, it's too stabil and you don't sense speed so well in that view. If can't adjust fov and seat forw/backw, you can make cpit view more suitable for wheel than dboard view.
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  12. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog Hardcore Simmer

    How do you adjust the cockpit view?
  13. alex21212121

    alex21212121 Gamer

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  14. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Before the questions come flooding in... (We know what you guys are like!) ;)

    Now Update v 1.14 is out in the wild, our Ready To Race DLC will soon be going into QA. We'll then be submitting the pack to Sony and Microsoft soon after! :)
  15. Gurkensepp

    Gurkensepp Racer


    Can we have a changelog? especially fanatec csl elite support? What does that mean?
  16. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    Excellent! Might bring down the number of rants, finally :p

    Grats with the update, team!
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  17. Rich 1701

    Rich 1701 Gamer

    Just like to say thanks to Lord Kunos and the rest of the team for this update, especially the fix with the Ferrari SF15-T and F138 ( Rear down force adjustment), also the cars Mazda 787B etc and the Highlands track are great additions to the sim. I for one appreciate all the effort you guys continue to put in :)
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  18. Raikku

    Raikku Racer

    Pause and then you are in pause menu, you see that option, after that you are in cpit view and there set of arrows and fov-setting.
    If I understand right it's car-related so when you set ie F40's view it doesn't mess up M3's one etc.
  19. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones Gamer


    Good to know you guys have been working hard on the 1.15 update & the Ready To Race DLC. Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer for the new cars & improved AI etc, bring it on!!
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  20. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    Maybe it's just the DLC. Probably not, but would be helpfull that they confirm the DLC is coming with the 1.15 update.
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  21. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones Gamer

    Would like to think the DLC will release with the 1.15 update, we'll find out soon enough I guess.

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