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Xbox One Update v 1.14

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by AC_CM505, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Hi everyone. In case you missed our previous message, we want to let you know that we have encountered some issues in our Xbox One submission process and we're not in the clear yet! We understand that this is incredibly frustrating for our players and we can only apologise at this stage for the delay. We will of course, keep you up to date with the latest and as soon as we're ready to launch, we will let you all know! :(

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  3. Melvin Gous

    Melvin Gous Gamer

    So what is the news on the update for XBox Kunos?
    It is 7 weeks and 5 days today since the update was released fo PS4 and we have nothing yet.
    Why is it taking so long?
    Are we still even getting the update?
    As good as the physics is, the game has become completely repetative playing the same lobbies with the same cars over and over again and more and more people are loosing interest.
    This is quite frustrating because every other week we get info it's coming shortly but almost 2 months is not shortly and actually pathetic.
    For once give us a straight answer saying we can expect within a week, month, year or never and we can decide whether we want to wait or move on.
    I was a hardcore fan of the game but has since lost all interest in it and it's heart breaking to see that such a great game is going to waste because devs cannot communicate with it's users and the people who put the food on their plates.
    Whenever someone says something good you are quick to reply but as soon as questions are being raised you go into silence and don't bother to answer.
    So for once come out and tell the xbox users wtf is going on!!!
  4. GT_Davy

    GT_Davy Gamer

    Couldn't have said it any better, almost 2 freaking months and still nothing....

  5. skells22

    skells22 Rookie

    there just one major issue, its a bank holiday in the USA plus as we all know by now Kunos can never say a time frame when things are in Microsoft hands as that might lead to more angry people if say a time frame is missed
  6. Melvin Gous

    Melvin Gous Gamer

    Well they've had well over a 1000 hours to sort the so called problems causing the update to fail submission. Frankly I feel it's a bull**** story and they are lying to us about the whole update and what is actually going on. I have lost all faith in Kunos and honestly believe that Xbox will not get the promised update but they are to afraid to come out and admit it. I hope I am wrong here but there is no proof that we will get the update on Xbox. All they do is keep postponing and giving the same **** excuses. Not once have they come forward and given anybody an answer as to what is the holdup. I smell a rat and that rat is dead and rotten.
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  7. DarE

    DarE Rookie


    Hola a todos, yo opino que efectivamente esto es una broma de mal gusto, yo soy un firme defensor de Assetto Corsa, ya que creo que es un juegazo, pero tambien opino que nos han vendido una Pre-alfa, un juego inacabado, sacado al mercado con prisas, y sinceramente creo que la comunidad simracing esta un pelin cansada ya de esperar, y esperar, y esperar.... siempre se promete que pronto hay la famosa actualización pero seguimos esperando, asi llevamos al menos 4 o 5 meses, mientras otros juegos como project cars (de menor calidad en muchos sentidos, y mas calidad en otros) van tomando fuerza, a pesar de que tambien tienen muchos bugs y fallos, pero han sido mas inteligentes, han actualizado mas y parcheado mas rapidamente, de forma que han tenido a la comunidad mas constante en su juego. Creo señores de Kunos que se estan equivocando totalmente, y como dicen otro gamer por ahí, no informan debidamente y no contestan a las cuestiones de los señores que hemos comprado el juego, yo personalmente prefiero pagar 70 € por el juego, como con otros, pero al menos pagar por poder jugar como se debe, que no creo que sea tan complicado, y si no, cuando saquen un juego adviertan de los contras que va a tener el juego. Un saludo a todos de un jugador de Assetto cansado.


    Hi everyone, I think that this is a bad joke, I am a strong defender of Assetto Corsa, since I think it's a game, but I also think that we have been sold a Pre-Alpha, an unfinished game, taken out To the market with haste, and I sincerely believe that the simracing community is a tired skin already waiting, and waiting, and waiting .... always promises that soon there is the famous update but we are still waiting, so we take at least 4 or 5 months , While other games like project cars (of lower quality in many ways, and more quality in others) are gaining strength, although they also have many bugs and bugs, but they have been more intelligent, more updated and patched more quickly, So that they have had the community more constant in their game. I think Kunos gentlemen are totally wrong, and as another gamer says, they do not inform properly and do not answer the questions of the gentlemen who bought the game, I personally prefer to pay € 70 for the game, as with others, But at least pay to play as it should, I do not think it is so complicated, and if not, when they take out a game, notice the cons that will have the game.
    A greeting to all of a tired Asset player.
  8. IllestD

    IllestD Gamer

    Are you not being a little harsh? I get where you're coming from and it is very frustrating to not have the patch / update yet, but they have said the update was sent to MS and it didnt pass, then they said a week ago that they have submitted it again and IRC that was just before the weekend and then there was a holiday yesterday in the USA and Kuno's havent come back to say it didnt pass or has passed. From that I can conclude that it should still be at MS and might just be on for download in a matter of o day or two, doesnt help anyone to get nasty and call things bull**** and **** excuses, Kuno's are not to scared to say the update isnt coming and it will be here for Xbox definitely (No dead or rotten rats). NDA's are legally binding and they are not going to risk breaking that contract, that should also put your mind at ease as to what type of company Kuno's are if they honour the NDA's, then surely they will honour the update and future support for this Sim on all platforms.
  9. IllestD

    IllestD Gamer

    Please can we give the guys any information at all, would be very much appreciated @AC_CM505?
  10. Lord Kunos

    Lord Kunos His master's voice. Staff Member KS Dev Team

    The update is back in submission again, hopefully this is the right one.
  11. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks for the info, my fingers are crossed for you.
  12. SwissWeed

    SwissWeed Gamer


    And again.. and again.. and again

  13. Melvin Gous

    Melvin Gous Gamer

    As you can see above, once again it has failed submission.
    This is really becoming a joke now.
    I know there are routes to follow and all but waiting this long for an update is just ridiculous.
    Especially if you paid 1200 N$ in my money for a game that is quite obviously broken and has not been repairable for months now. This whole custom lobbies issue has come from way back before PS4 got theirs.
    I have bought all the additional content as well so it's costing me an arm and a leg from where I live and having to hear excuses and delays every odd week is just not acceptable.
    Praise them all you like. I however cannot anymore because there is nothing left to praise.
    I'm also in the business of customer support and if I had to treat customers the way Kunos treats us the doors of the company I work for would have closed a long time ago.
    We as users and players of the game put them where they are today so they should respect us when we ask why and what is the problem.
    Every second week it's the same old story.
    The update will come soon.
    Soon just isn't any good anymore.
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  14. I can understand you 100%. But save your nerves.... Let them not destroy your day. In general I hope really they get this game to a good end, what there anouced after that release. Otherwise it will be really the greatest disappointment ever for me. Because I never waited that long that a game runs as it should. I hope they know that a lot of people still keeping faith.
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  15. alb1974

    alb1974 Rookie

    Hello, does anyone know how to save the offline championships, because I have created one with 10 races and when I finish the first of the races and I leave the game when I turn off the console and the next day I want to continue the championship and I do not leave in the created ones And only the one that is created by default comes out. Thanks
  16. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog Hardcore Simmer

    It seems there may be a bug, on the PS4 some peoples championships save, on the XBox I'm not sure I have heard of anyones that save yet. The one championship I setup didn't save so I'm not bothering with them again till its fixed.

    It's a bit like the issue we have with setups not saving I guess.
  17. Gurkensepp

    Gurkensepp Racer

    For me saving setups works since i reinstalled the game.
  18. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog Hardcore Simmer

    Can you save championships?
  19. Gurkensepp

    Gurkensepp Racer

    No for championships it didnt work ☹
  20. Melvin Gous

    Melvin Gous Gamer

    Just a guess but when are done playing go to the home menu and selct the quit game option under the game header rather than just shut down or starting a new game. I know I had issues with setups. I would save them but if I don't quit the game lie this the setup is gone when I play it again. Now since I quit the game via the quit game option all setups remain. Might the same for the championship? I am really just guessing here. Have not tried it at all.
  21. Lewisxbone

    Lewisxbone Alien

    Something I’ve now noticed since the update is everytime I save a setup for a car it immediately overwrites the previous one. So now I can only have one saved setup per car & track.

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