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XB1 Xbox One update

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by SwissWeed, May 18, 2017.

  1. SwissWeed

    SwissWeed Gamer

    don't answer with soon or some other stupid ****!

    Im able to read everything and understand whats the meaning behind. So pls no childish comments thx.

    Just wanna know from the devs if we have to wait another couple of days/weeks/months till this update reaches xOne..?

    And i think at this time now its an authorized question..

    Thx in advance

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  3. As per a response on Facebook page. I'd expect next week now[​IMG]

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  4. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    Well... Quite easy to respond.

    If it's in submission stage, that means the update is in the hands of Microsoft.

    Until Microsoft doesn't reply to kunos simulazioni "OK, your update is approved and we will launch it that day" kunos can't do anything about it and can't give you an launch date because even themselves don't know it until Microsoft say that.

    As simple as that.
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  5. SwissWeed

    SwissWeed Gamer

    Oh man.. one more..
    I KNOW THAT! Are u a dev?
    Ur answer is exactly what i didnt want.. cause there are x threads where u can read that. Peace man

    So.. lets tell u guys my view.. and why im starting to loose patience.

    MS is very strict in approval. so if they want to make a private lobby (in submission/approval) and then the game states "not possibel.. blabla.. try later etc" like on PS4 since yesterday. They probably never give it a "go".
    Its in the hands of MS doesnt have to mean, that kunos/505 has nothing to do with the patch anymore. They probably have information of whats wrong with it etc. They have to call back, having conversation etc.. thats how business works.

    Second point why im loosing my patience is; last update was the same!
    They released it on ps4..but not everything was working properly. They told us xOne players that its coming "soon" and they WILL inform as soon as they have a date.
    Shame on this sentence! Cause the day after ps4 release patch was out on xOne without ANY information of kunos/505!

    Thats mainly the reason why im asking this right now!

    Its raining this weekend in switzerland and i just wanna know if the patch is coming today or tomorrow.

  6. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    Well, as kunos stated in treads, the Custom Lobby's are working on dedicated servers hosted by themselves.
    So once the update landed they updated their servers...
    Don't see what that has to do with submission of an update.

    Microsoft is in contact with the development team, yes, sure!
    But even themselves got to wait until Microsoft say that the update is approved or denied before they can say to us the users when update will land or give more information about the status of it.

    I remember that in the case of project C.A.R.S practically with every update happened the same.... PC first,sony short after and Microsoft from 3 days up to 7 days later....
    The PS4 users complaining about have to wait the DLC (they didn't realese the dlc until both consoles versions were updated)
    And the Xbox One users complaining because PC and PS4 received the updates before them.

    Sure it sucks to have to wait an update, more knowing that other console users are enjoying it already.
    I'm sorry it's raining in Switzerland, nice country by the way... I really like Zurich and einsiedelen once on a holiday!

    Keep your patience, it's sure that the update will land soon...but opening treads like this one sure don't gonna speed the launch of the update up.

    Have a nice day :)
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  7. SwissWeed

    SwissWeed Gamer

  8. When Kunos/505 does announce the release date of the patch, it won't be in some random thread.
  9. SwissWeed

    SwissWeed Gamer

    Ups sorry.. just want to change raining in bad weather.. my super english :D

    I dont want to speed things up. Just want a statement on WHY its delayed ;)

    One of my favorite songs "GNR - Patience"
    I will try and shot my mouth once again here in this forum!

    Cheerio - im out
  10. SwissWeed

    SwissWeed Gamer

    Oh man oh man.. good to know :D
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  11. Yeah, that's just not gonna happen. You can assume it is because of 'technical difficulties', because that is as much (or more) info as they will ever share about that.
  12. It's as simple as MS are more thorough with testing to make sure their are no game breaking bugs in the patch. This was common with Project Cars patches they generally landed a while after PlayStation.

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  13. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    Don't worry, English isn't my native language also...
    I am from Spain...

    The only thing kunos stated is that the update is in the submission process.
    So if it's took more time from Microsoft as it did for Sony... Is a reasonable reason why the Xbox One version doesn't have the update still.

    In an conference one of the kunos team said that the submission process can go from some days up to 4 weeks.
    Also sony and Microsoft have their own rules and policy... Just like every other enterprise.

    And like i said... Open treads like this one doesn't gonna speed things up
    Hopefully it's not a long wait anymore and you can enjoy the new update
  14. Raikku

    Raikku Racer

    Shouldn't we post directly to Bill Gates, why he's so slow to review these updates and put them out? Japanese boss on Sony's side do same thing so much faster.
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  15. flyingcarrot

    flyingcarrot Hardcore Simmer

    Why do all you kids want everything now now now???? Just wait. All these threads opening up, not surprised it takes longer when Kunos have to look at you lot moaning all the time.


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  16. ppbucko

    ppbucko Hardcore Simmer

    No update yet, and since the PS4 update, we have been unable to connect to servers on Xbox.

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