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Xbox servers dead?

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Babbzy, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Babbzy

    Babbzy Rookie

    Just got this game on xbox deals for me & a friend but can't play together, no servers?

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  3. hbc865

    hbc865 Rookie

    After install of the game, you need to do a hard re-boot of the console , I mean unplug the power cord from the console wait 30-secomds then power back on. the restart the game you will see all the servers
  4. Sonec888

    Sonec888 Rookie

    Doesnt work! The online mode is off. I bought the game a few days ago...
  5. Sonec888

    Sonec888 Rookie

    I reseted the console keeping the games. This worked, but a few days after, it doesnt work. Im tired for reseting console once again...
  6. hbc865

    hbc865 Rookie

    Sonec888, how many times do you have to reset the console? is it every time you play the game ?
  7. Sonec888

    Sonec888 Rookie

    Once it was after uptadin the console. Now after installin new games. Its so weird and Im tired about it. In 2019 happenin these issues. There are more posts about dead servers on AC.
  8. hbc865

    hbc865 Rookie

    Sonec888, what region are you in, EU? or are you in the USA I am in the US California my user name in Xbox is ( catnip2015 ), It may be just the server is constantly down but that not likely to happen all the time does this only happen with ACC, I wonder
  9. Sonec888

    Sonec888 Rookie

    Im in EU, from Spain. I read italian and british users with online issues a while ago. I guess its workin better in USA
  10. SF73

    SF73 Gamer

    Nothing works for me. I've reset, re-installed, set back to default. Nothing works. Just started playing after a year or so off the game. I still enjoy offline races but would like to try the online.
  11. hbc865

    hbc865 Rookie

    SF73, I wonder if this is an ISP issue (Internet Service Provider) or maybe you have to choose a different port setting on the Xbox console under (network/Advanced setting/Alternate port selection/automatic) you can enter a port number but you have to call the provider.
  12. SF73

    SF73 Gamer

    Really strange hbc865. I actually have it loaded on another Xbox in the kitchen it is an Xbox one forza edition. I'd forgot it was loaded on there. But anyway, loaded AC went to drive. Went to online and all the servers appeared no problem. Unfortunately I cant play in the kitchen as the tv is placed high on wall. I go to my living room, load AC on the Xbox one S. Go to drive, go to online and... "no servers found". So it cant be my isp. Same house same network but 2 different xboxes. Hmmmm........ Frustrating to say the least. But I really appreciate your suggestion. Thanks.
  13. Danne2323

    Danne2323 Rookie

    Got the same problem, no matter what I do it keeps telling me that there are no servers and I’ve also tried everything but I feel like it’s something the devs might have to fix since it hasn’t been a problem with servers before
  14. Sonec888

    Sonec888 Rookie

    This is a FRAUD. We need to join more users and report it. The company must give back the money if they wont fix it.
    Danne2323 likes this.
  15. Koksas

    Koksas Rookie

    I have same issue..Bought game yesterday and just found server not found...Its disappointed...
    Danne2323 likes this.
  16. Tvvang

    Tvvang Rookie

    Same here only had the game a few weeks but never been able to connect to a server.

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