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Xbox Update 1.14

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Melvin Gous, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Melvin Gous

    Melvin Gous Gamer

    Come on Kunos. Please give us Xbox users some news on the update. As much as I love the game it's getting really boring having to race the same cars on the same tracks with the same idiots who take you out for their enjoyment.
    Just give us something to work with here.
    Will we ever still get the update and if so when do you hope to release it?
    We are heading for 3 weeks now since PS4 got the update so please tell us if we will get it soon or if we can move on for the next couple of months onto something else instead of waiting in vain and getting no feedback whatsoever. It's really like sitting and waiting for someone to arrive and they don't show. And to top it off their phone is dead. Come on guys, shed some light here on what's going on. This silence is killing us!

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  3. WoodyLizard

    WoodyLizard Gamer

    Very well said Melvin.
    It's getting very hard to keep organised racing league members keen and happy on this game at the moment without giving any dates to start our own championships.
    Surely as a business Kunos would have already seeked info from Microsoft what the issue is so they can fix and resubmit. This info could at least be forwarded to us so then we can relay this to our racing members when they ask what is going on with the start of proposed championship.
  4. The silence from the devs is deafening. No news no info no apologies nothing. PS4 have had the equivalent update a month and we're still waiting. It screams the update was rejected due to game breaking bugs and still not fixed.

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  5. Posted here, FB, and Twitter a few hours ago:
  6. sentinelz

    sentinelz Gamer

    Xbox users are abandoned, why it will be .........

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  7. Raikku

    Raikku Racer

    I guess Sony pay them more...

    Problem with PS4 is that Sony's bullying decision to stop Fanatec wheels to work on PS4, without official license, they expect ppl to buy dozens of wheels to be able to
    drive with different platforms.... Evyrybody would win if there could be all in one-wheels available.

    Of course I have pc version too, it just in many cases more relaxing to just play on console side, less preparing etc.
  8. Melvin Gous

    Melvin Gous Gamer

    I highly doubt we will get it within the next month or even 2. We have no idea what the problem is nor when it will be resolved so it's all a waiting game with no idea of when it's going to happen. Sad thing is that people are loosing interest and you can see the the lobbies getting emptier. Less people are online than always and basically the good drivers have gone. There is still a few hardcore fans out there but mostly the lobbies are filled with newcomers who just ram you of the track and spoil your race.
    It's not a case of hopping on anymore and all your racing friends are there. You have band over backwards to try and get the guys to race and that is really sad. It's a shame that Kunos has to hurt a great game like this due to the fact that they can't sort a problem prohibiting them to release the update and an even bigger shame that they cannot explain to the people what exactly is going on and being done to resolve the issue. If the Xbox players understood what the holdup was it would set their minds at ease and people would understand. But SORRY and SOON just doesn't cut it anymore. Face the music Kunos and tell us XBox players what the hell is going on. Will we even get the update or can we dump it in the bin?
  9. If Kunos could tell you, they would. NDA's suck, but they are very real and it is obvious that Kunos aren't allowed to say anything. Or maybe you guys are right and the devs are simply sitting back laughing their butts off at losing money while having their reputation smashed to bits.
  10. ppbucko

    ppbucko Hardcore Simmer

    There hardly going to lose money on xbox, there's hardly anyone playing it anymore if you go by the multiplayer. also if they cant be bothered to fix day 1 issues after 10 months (game setup save issues and the frame rate) there goes there reputation on xbox.
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  11. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Xbox players haven't been abandoned, be rest assured!! We're doing everything we can to get this update out asap! :(
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  12. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    We absolutely can be bothered, but these things don't get fixed at the press of a button! :(
  13. sentinelz

    sentinelz Gamer

    thanks for answering. What we are asking the Xbox community is a simple explanation of what particular point is that is failing, to be able to understand the eternal delays.

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  14. ppbucko

    ppbucko Hardcore Simmer

    Things don't get fixed at the press of a button, like a DAY ONE fundamental part of the game. Save/load/delete. These 3 buttons on screen haven't worked properly for 10 months. This problem should have been sorted in first month of release, to say absolutely we can be bothered isn't exactly been backed up by evidence is it. 6 months to fix the save, which then broke the delete option and also overwriting a previous save doesn't work either, 1 minute of testing would of found this out. I would also like to point out your pc release update 1.14, in 8 days there was 3 updates containing a whole raft of fixes, now that's what I call can be bothered.
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  15. Explosivo

    Explosivo Gamer

    I think it's a diffrent team working on the "core" game on PC. There are a few people working on the core game to get it on the consoles.
  16. HelloAgain

    HelloAgain Rookie

    10 months later and truthfully the game is no better than it was in September 2016. It just got more content and more expensive as a result.
    Compare this with just about any other game. 10 months in and most devs are calling time on fixes, not pretending to fathom out how to fix day one issues.

    Kunos has totally misjudged the console audience. They're not hobbyist players like the PC players who are happy to tinker and have access to endless unmetered patches. Console players expect stuff to work within a reasonable amount of time. On this count alone, Kunos has failed miserably.
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  17. rallyesax

    rallyesax Simracer

    Personaly, i don't think I care about what is the exact issue. It can be a lot of reasons i'm sure from Microsoft submission policy to technical data or lines programming issues, I don't know and so what ? Even if i knew, it wouldnt change the time they still need and I will not be able to help them either....
    Even if the team is probably smaller than for PC, i don't think they do not care about their reputation. They work on it.
    Agree with you, It is not pleasant to wait but that's not the end of life. Many other things to do outside and enjoy life or family time as it goes... This is just a video game. A good one, really enjoyable when you love driving.
    Things will come at their time.
  18. HelloAgain

    HelloAgain Rookie

    Theirin lays the problem. "Their time" just does not cut it in a fast moving modern gaming environment. In the time it's taken us to reach the conclusion of "no conclusion", two MAJOR competitor releases have been announced and given release dates. Both realistically will come before Kunos manage to even work out what month / year it is. To miss the boat and watch Forza 7 and PCars 2 roll off in to the sunset with your user base is not a good day out.
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  19. rallyesax

    rallyesax Simracer

    I understand. On an other hand, i think part of AC players are not into forza as it is not a sim. And I personaly hope pc2 will be better on the physic aspect, as I gave it a try again on the other day on pc1 and got bored within 20min cause the feeling was just not right...
    But I understand that people who just want to enjoy playing a car game, will be totaly aborbed by future games releases ;)
  20. HelloAgain

    HelloAgain Rookie

    The best handling model in the world means nothing if the game is boring and dysfunctional.
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