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Xbox Update

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by fools jester, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Bibbles

    Bibbles Simracer

    Yes. My sons xbox is only 3 months old we took the controller back because of this fault , the replacement controller he was given is fine, my friend uses one of those expensive Elite controllers and has no issues at all.

    So chances are because the dead zone doesn't work it could be your controller.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2016
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  2. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    ^^exactly. Please do your homework @myimac and don't come here with a faulty pad claiming a bug in the game.
    DO claim all other bugs, though!!! Like the non-functional deadzone setting. It hasn't worked on PC ever since I first tried it and has been reported well before console launch. It puzzles me how they could just port the broken slider to the console now?!?

    I for one had to use XBCD to set a deadzone for my controller and separate the axii for brake and throttle. Are those separate on the consoles?
  3. myimac

    myimac Alien

    I've done my homework, I've tried three pads. No other games exhibit the issue including driving games. Do your homework and see that I do actually know what I am talking about. This is a bug and the issue most likely that the steering currently is super sensitive so even barely 1 degree off centre results in angle change that is far more extreme then it should.

    It's sad because I want this game to be a success and bought it to support it but honestly the Xbox version right now is not fit for purpose. I have more frustrations than enjoyment and that's mainly down to the shocking stutters.

    Apparently that is due to Microsoft... but it isn't as it has happened on non updated Xbox and updated and with pre and post patch. Also I have turned off DVR and practically reduced my Xbox 1 to the original Xbox in terms of connectivity to try to get it to work and it ain't doing it.

    I'm happy to pay this money to support the console version cos I've already got over 1400 hours in the PC version so I've already had my money's worth, but I am scared that console people will build a poor impression of the game based on their Xbox 1 experience.
  4. Bibbles

    Bibbles Simracer

    You say its a bug but I know two people that play this on xbox and neither have this issue, so if it is a bug it clearly doesn't affect all.

    I personally think its more likely down to lack of deadzone, some people can handle it others can't.
  5. myimac

    myimac Alien

    It is probably something related to the need to switch to wheel then back to controller which resolved the steering pulling to the right. It's interesting... you seen anybody mention pulling to the left? I haven't.
  6. jon hill

    jon hill Rookie

    I must admit after buying the game i thought it was appalling with the controller, but then i tried it with a steering wheel and its awesome. It's the same with Project cars. I just think these driving simulators are not made to work with controllers, which is an issue as most console gamers don't go to the expense of buying a steering wheel and seat set up, but after investing myself i can say it was definitely worth the investment if your into race games.
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  7. Monkey-CH

    Monkey-CH Rookie

    The new pad steering IS bugged. POINT!!! Setting the speed steering setting doesn't change anything at all and this is the real issue we have. If I use 0% or 100% for this setting has no effect on the steering at all and the over sensitiv reaction on the steereing can't be fixed now.
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