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Your Personal lap of the Gods...

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by NemethR, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. NemethR

    NemethR Simracer

    With the arrival of the Intercontinental GT DLC, one of the most iconic racetracks also arrived to the game.
    Mount Panorama - Ohh, all the stories that place could tell...
    Here is mine, share your's!

    Weapon of Choice: Porsche 911 GT3-R

    Safe setup
    +1 click on front anti roll bar
    -1 click on the rear
    (to make the car a bit understeery)
    -1 to front brake ducts
    -2 to rear brake ducts
    (you dont use the brakes that much - only if you are a ....)

    Warmup lap coming to an end, approaching the final corner.
    Thinking to myself: "Slow in, and perfect acceleration out..."

    Crossing the start/finish line, deep breath.

    Approaching HELL Corner.
    "What a sick name for the 1st corner... Ok, just make sure you brake at the lightpole after the 100m board... Neat and tidy in, and go, go go... The acceleration here is so important..."
    Onto the curbs with 2 wheels.
    -0.13x secs, ok, the acceleration was good.

    Making sure, I absolutely nail the shifting through Mountain Straight...
    Going through the corners in my head...

    Approaching Griffin's bend, looking at the small access road on the left,
    Past the 100 meter board, and heavy braking at the access road, 5th gear, 4th, 3rd, turn in, and accelerate.
    "Don't touch the inside curb, don't touch it, just accelerate, let the car go wide a bit on the left side over the curb."
    4ht gear.
    -0.33x secs
    "Don't you dare to lift in the Kink!"

    Just after the left kink, hard on the brakes, make sure to brake in a straight line.
    3rd gear, 2nd, neat and tidy into The Cutting.
    "Don't accelerate too early, don't accelerate too ealry, now is good, go, go, go..."
    Small oversteer... "Damn..."
    3rd gear.
    "Don't touch the curnbs on the inside"
    -0.28x sec - lost a bit there.

    Take a deep breath!

    4th gear.
    If you are absolutely precise, you can take the 2nd right at Reid Park flat.
    "Try to take it flat - anyway who wants to live forever?!"
    Turn it, 4th gear, try to nail it, but had to lift.
    Floor it through the left...
    -0.34x sec - Ok was still good.

    Flat through the left over the crest.
    Approaching T9 before Sulman Park.
    Small lift before the corner, then just half throttle through it.
    (Could never take it flat, the car loses the rear. If I lift through the corner, the car loses the back too.)
    "Small lift, small, lift, nice on the brakes, don't touch the inside curb, but go as close as possible to the wall".
    Accelerate out, and go as close to the wall as you dare.

    Approaching McPhillamy Park, no lift but easy on the throttle, until the car "bites" into the corner, then accelerate the living hell out of it, just a bit onto the inside curbs, don't touch the curbs on the right.
    "Ok, survived that part."
    -0.49x sec

    Take a breath!

    Brock's Skyline,
    Look for the braking point, just a little before where, the paint changes on the wall on the right...

    Heavy braking 5th grear, 4th.
    Off the brakes just before the crest.
    Let the car go over the crest, then heavy breaking through the Esses, don't take too much inside curb on the left, but brake hard, 3rd gear, then 2nd while you turn right.
    (you can use left-foot brake throug the left and right here)

    Turn in early at the Dipper, and hug the wall on the inside.
    "Now floor it, go, go , go..."
    Flat through the right, 3rd gear, flat through the left, 4th gear...

    "No braking before the right!" - "NO braking I said!"
    Lift through the right, and heavy braking after, position the car perfectly - easier said then done - for the Forest Elbow. Easy turn in, hug the wall on the inside, once you see the board on the right, accelerate.
    "Pedal to the metal from here. Push that throttle through the floor if you have to!"

    Breathe... breathe...
    -0.53x sec

    5th grear, 6th through Conrod straight... Push the cars eyes out if you have to...

    Approachin The Chase at 278km/h
    "You must believe the car can turn in..."
    Flat through the right kink.

    "Don't forget to brake late..." 5th, 4th, 3rd gear... "Neatly through the left."
    If you really nail it (or are lucky), you can take the left turn at the chase in 3rd gear, and accelerate through the right in 3rd, 4th gears.

    4th gear through the right, 5th...
    -0.62x secs

    Approaching Murray's Corner.
    "Just make no mistakes now, don't touch the curb on the inside, slow in, fast out..."
    4th, 3rd, 2nd.
    Turn in, but be cautious on accelerating, the car can loose the rear.

    -0.59x sec.

    Never before was I able to drive such a (for me) perfect lap, spent over an hour to beat my previous best.

    Although I was never at the real track, the one in ACC feels just soo good.
    Its incredibly intense, and feels so rewarding when you are trying your absolute best on this track, and can nail a (near) perfect lap. You really feel, like you just did your own lap of the Gods.

    Although ACC was a great game even before, driving Bathurst is really unreal.
    It was many years ago, when I last enjoyed playing a game so much. - You know I am old now, have a life, but this really has brought me back a few years in time.

    Thank you all so much, who were involved in making this possible!

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  3. C#27

    C#27 Gamer

    Nice write up, Mount Panorama is such a great track and every lap tells a little different story.
    So here's mine. Quite similar since it's the same wapon. Just can't imagine anything better than the beast that is the 991.1 GT3-R.

    Base setup: aggressive
    Setup changes:
    Tyre pressures, obviously
    closed the brake ducts; -3 rear and -2 front
    change to brake pad 1
    lowered the diff preload to minimum - helps with the lift off oversteer/oversteer on braking

    Mode: Hotlap

    Approaching the last corner, making shure to brake early and hit the apex to accelerate as early as possible.
    Little breath on the start/finish line.

    On to Hell Corner, hitting the brakes at 75 meters shifting down from 5th to 2nd. Focusing on the apex, making shure to use the banking. Little understeer mid corner - "damn it just a little too fast" - but all manageable. Using all the kerb at the exit while accelerating hard.
    Last breaths before the thrill of the mountain moving up the gears.

    Griffins bend, braking at the end of the access road turning the car to the apex while shifting down to 3rd and using the banking again. Early on the accelerator, just a little too early... Small lift to avoid the wall, everything's fine.

    On to the Kink, flat out and immediatly hitting the brakes afterwards. But carefull, smooth transition from accelerator to brake and slowly increase brake pressure, otherwise the rear will be gone and so will be the lap. Down to 2nd gear. Staying close to the inside wall of the Cutting waiting to get on the accelerator while using the banking. Finally time to accelerate, coming close to the wall.

    Flat out up to Reid Park into 4th, tiny lift to make the car turn in. Immediatly flat out again.
    Flat out through Frog Hollow, up to 5th.
    Again tiny lift for Sulman Park - too tiny, little tap of the wall... Lap is still valid, so all is fine again.
    Small lift for McPhillamy Park, dont't go fully off throttle or the rear will step out. Keeping close to the inside kerb. Full throttle again approaching Skyline.

    No real reference for the braking point for me, just feel and intuition. Braking slightly before the crest shifting down to 4th. Back on the throttle to balance the car turning the car towards the wall on the right then making the line as straight as possible through the Esses. Heavy braking once arriving at the kerb, still balancing the car with throttle when needed. Down to 2nd gear.

    Through the Dipper keeping it close to the walls, early turn in for the left hander. Car pushes over the front axle. Once grip is found again, hard on the accelerator.
    The next few corners leave some time to breath, all flat out moving up to 4th.
    Slight braking for the right hand corner before Forrest's Elbow shifting down to 3rd. Then heading straigth to the inside wall of Forrest's Elbow while breaking hard and shifting down to 1st. Making shure the car stays close to the inside wall to hit the accelerator as early as possible.

    Finally Conrod Straight, time to take a breath. Moving up the gears to 6th.
    Right hand kink flat out, approaching the Chase. Hitting the brakes hard at 120 meters. Down to 2nd, turnig the car in. Once at the apex immidiatly on the accelerator again.

    From now on everything flat out to Murray's Corner. Last braking zone - "don't brake too late now...". Hitting the brakes at 90 meters, then hitting the apex. Time to stamp on the accelerator one more time for the lap.

    Over the finish line: 2:01.695 - personal best!
    Wow, what a rush. Great start to the weekend!

    I totally agree. Bathurst is unreal and makes ACC so much better (although the other new tracks do that as well). Unlike many others, as it seems, I even don't even see the need for Nordschleife anymore. Bathurst is simply more thrilling. And you get more lap attempts :)
    ignission, NemethR and Radfahrer like this.
  4. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    You should increase preload to help with lift off oversteer, not decrease it.
  5. C#27

    C#27 Gamer

    Well for me it worked the other way around. Mostly I don't really care what the rule books say, I'm just trying things out and see if they work.

    The idea behind it is that loosing control while starting to brake most likely happens due to one tyre (very likely the inside one) loosing grip and locking due to engine drag torque. If the resulting torque difference between both tyres is smaller than the preload value, the diff is comlpetely locked, thus the other tyre will lock as well. Opening up the diff to my understanding would mean that the tyres can rotate at different speeds and even if one tyre starts locking I still have a chance of controling the car. As Aris explained in one of his steams the actual locking percentage can't be changed on GT3s. But all I want in that case is to not loose grip unnecesserily on a tyre that still would have the grip to keep turning. So everything below 100% locking will help.

    But I am absolutely no expert on differentials. As I said it's mostly trial and error for now and admittadly this was a wild guess that in the end seemed to work.
  6. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    I think you're misunderstanding what 'locking' in this case means. It doesn't mean locking up, it means they are locked together in rotating at the same speed. So when they unlock, they rotate at different speeds. Letting tires rotate at different speeds makes the car more agile and willing to rotate, that's why I said you should increase preload instead of decreasing it.

    If it worked, it's most likely you changed something in your drivestyle :p
  7. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    NemethR likes this.
  8. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Alien

    I must say, i'm more happy when a sim announces new cars not that i don't like tracks BUT the mountain oh man it just added more life into the ACC for me.
    The track feels like a rally/hillclimb track rather than racing circuit AND that is extremely good point for me.
    Not to mention the proximity of walls the faster you want to go the closer you have to go towards walls to get straight lines this feels initial D with gt3 cars.
    In many ways this track is more scary or better word thrilling than nords.
    definitely my No.1 track followed by suzuka.
    Edit: Also on this track only i found myself turning off dmg just so that i don't have to go to pits every 3-4 laps lol, will definitely turn on dmg once i get my line figured out.
    NemethR likes this.
  9. C#27

    C#27 Gamer

    Well after some sleep I believe you are right. My theory won't be working, so it has to be placebo due to change in driving style.
    That actually is a bit of a problem for me in finding setups, because I often adapt driving style to car behaviour without noticing... Once I find more time I need to start working with telemetry and also check driver inputs while working on setups.

    At the moment I don't have time to check other diff settings, so I'd say we leave it at that. I like the low preload but it's most likely not the solution to the (intended) problem. If I could, I'd edit the original post and delete the line about the lift off/braking oversteer to not confuse others. Unfortunatly that's not possible anymore.

    And now back to the original topic :)
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  10. BoZ 2

    BoZ 2 Rookie

    Hahahaha that was a fantastic read! Well done mate.
    NemethR likes this.
  11. Tim Wilson

    Tim Wilson Simracer

    Every time I get to 'The Dipper' I think to myself-"This must be a design flaw". Who would put a chicane at the end of a set of S curves on a steep decline?
    They should rename this whole section "Crashville"! Have fast Banjo picking blaring from loud speakers to make it more funny.
  12. This tr
    Awesome read mate :)
  13. Thanks for the write-up! My problem is surviving Skyline. I instinctually want to stay on the brakes over the crest, but if I do, it keeps me from hugging the right wall and it will shoot me straight into the curbing of the chicane.

    Just need more laps!!!!! Having a blast with this track, BTW. I tried to enjoy it on PCars2, but I could never get into it. This version has me hooked.
    NemethR likes this.
  14. NemethR

    NemethR Simracer

    I feel the same. ACC version feel much more real to me. (Not that I ever been to the track, but still.)
  15. Tundra

    Tundra Hardcore Simmer

    With the Special event, this reading makes much more sense. Thanks for sharing!
    NemethR likes this.
  16. Fail, fail, and fail again. Thought you all would enjoy this - get's a bit rough in the sim rig with the servos maxed out. Got down to a 2:04.860

    After_Midnight and NemethR like this.
  17. NemethR

    NemethR Simracer

    Haha, yeah, the fail, fail, fail part is well known to me too.
    Really intersting how differently we drive, yet end up with similar times.

    Amazing RIG btw!
  18. Did some setup changes, got the rear end to calm down, and dropped into the 2:03's (just)... way more predictable, not fighting the car anywhere near as much.

    Thanks on the Rig. It has gotten quite out of hand in the garage !
    NemethR likes this.

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