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Zolder discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by OrganDonor, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. nimp

    nimp Racer

    Control panel is the driver menu in windows, that you hopefully have installed (does the wheel even work without).
    Not sure about the dyn damping, it's preferance I guess. I didn't like it at 100 and a slight amount felt better than 0. Dyn damping might feel better on higher end wheels with more power, I wouldn't know.
  2. Thanks for your help, i managed to get a 29.6 nothing to brag about, but ffb did help understand when i was asking too much to the car.

    I think may get a 29.3 at best but no clue how people gets 27s!

    Not that I'm surprised, i've never been a fast guy in years of simracing/racing
  3. Ironman 2

    Ironman 2 Gamer

    Same for me. I could do a 1:29.000 lap, but I'm really wondering where I can find 2 more seconds in such a short lap. I guess some time can be gained in the first corner and in the first chicane if we can avoid jumping on the kurbs, but it would not be enough for a 1:27.000.
    Has something been changed in the car handling after the first release of Zolder?
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  4. OrganDonor

    OrganDonor Racer

    I know it doesn't apply to most of you as you play with wheels, but I know that in my case a lot of it is due to using a gamepad. Even at 1 the TC on Jaguar is way too strong. The car is choking whenever you start accelerating after a chicane and it takes it a long time to start accelerating smoothly, pretty much until you're totally straight. Another thing is trail braking - I watched a video of one of the top times on Paul Ricard and the guy was braking so much later than I can, it's unreal! I have to brake some 50-70 metres before the second half of the long right-hander before the end whilst he was breaking in the middle of the turn. Last but not least, kerbs... I can't touch them as I get spun out almost instantly (especially bad on Hungary) and as a result I end up being very tentative around them and losing chunks of time when instead I should be accelerating.

    Other than that I think the main differences between "alien" laps and very good laps (ours) is how late you brake, how much speed you carry through the chicanes and how quickly you get back on the gas. In other words - pretty much everything :D
  5. About the first chicane... I've found that backing up my braking point a tiny bit lets me turn in better and get on the gas before the first curb. My laps have been much more consistent now and I find there's more time to be gained in exit speed than time in the braking zone. Additionally, going back to my original routine of shifting down to second gear and backing up my braking zones through turns one and two has helped my consistency.

    I find it interesting how my initial style of braking a tad bit early and getting on the gas earlier is faster than what my friends recommended (braking later and getting the car fully rotated before hitting the gas). Stick to what you're comfortable and fast with rather than trying too hard to improve with driving style changes is what I'm taking away from this (unless there's something wrong with your driving, of course).
  6. nimp

    nimp Racer

    Always depends on what car you drive. What you are talking about is the main difference in getting good times with front heavy cars vs rear heavy cars.
    A car always rotates easiest, when the weight is as close to the center point as possible, imagine an ice dancer doing a pirouette and pulling the arms in. So giving a tad of throttle in a front engine car helps it turn. On the other hand something like the lambo with rearmid engine rotates easiest with a bit of brake and starts understeering on throttle. While a balanced car rotates the fastest while coasting.

    The jaguar really benefits from a bit of throttle pre-apex, especially with the very understeery basesetups. So getting the braking done earlier, helps with that.

    So your takeaway is wrong. Knowing the car and changing your style accordingly is the correct thing to do, it just so happens your personal style works really well with the jag by chance.
  7. It also helped me improve my times with the 488 at the track, so I'm not really feeling what you're saying.
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