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splitRace.com // Daily Ranked Races for ACC (alpha stage)

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Darcy Callai Junior, Aug 23, 2021.

  1. WhatsApp Image 2021-08-22 at 19.30.01.jpeg
    Hi, we are splitRace!

    A Multiplayer Ranked System for Assetto Corsa Competizione.

    Here you will find daily races, with no limits on places, where the drivers are grouped by their rank (splitRating).

    We are in the alpha stage of development. Soon new features like security rank (SAF), and license system will be added.

    Come help us develop splitRace.

    Soon, with servers in Europe.

    Find out more at https://www.splitrace.com

    Discor >>> https://discord.gg/zq8Z4eAXH3

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  3. Hi guys,

    we just released a new version of splitrace that includes some new features that will make it easier for you.

    There are three highlights of this new version. The first one is for you to indicate which is your favorite simulator. This way you will first see the simulator of your choice, not having to click and choose it every time you access the site. The second big news is the site automatically adjust the race time based on the time zone set in your windows. Now you no longer have to wonder what time events start. The latest highlight of this version is the separation of ranks by simulator.

    Now ACC and AMS2 users have separate ranks.

    Check the full changelog:
    - automatic adjustment of the race time based on the user's time zone;
    - ranks separated by simulator;
    - added to the menu my account, the options my favorite simulator and disable sound*;
    - changed the name of the menu my profile to my stats;
    - stability and performance improvement;
    - upgrade of hardware servers;
    - calibration of rank splitRating (SRA);
    - added SOON expression for AC1 events;
    - added several parameters for AMS2 events.

    * attention, when disabling the option to play sounds, you will no longer receive the sound warning to start the engine, if it is running on the practice server, for example. Thus, you may run the risk of missing the start of the event you registered.
  4. Hi Drivers,

    It's time for us to activate our main domain splitrace.com to access our service.

    This will no longer use the address you are used to, although it will work for a short period of time.

    However, we recommend that you start using the domain https://www.splitrace.com/ as a way to access our site permanently, to avoid access problems in the near future.

    One more small update to our system. Check out the news:

    - added the link to Discord in my superior;
    - addition of the logo/link to Discord in the footer;
    - addition of the user support center in the footer;
    - bug fix in Ams2 result generation;
    - bug fix showing ACC SRA when booking in AMS2 event.
    - addition of the message requesting sending email when the race is not generated/created.

    See you on the tracks!
  5. Hello splitracers,

    Today we have little news being released in the new alpha version that was published a little while ago:

    - remmenber login;
    - first revision of the splitRating formula (SRA);
    - addition of the drivers country flags in the results and raking screen;
    - bug fix and general optimization;

    The first general revision of the SRA calculation formula (splitRating) was carried out in all the races performed so far. In other words, all race results were revised based on the new formula that calculates the SRA. You will notice big differences in personal ratings, especially for drivers who had competed on grids with more than 15 drivers and finished at the top or bottom of the leaderboard. We do not rule out the need for further changes in the future, but we believe that the current formula is already very fair and balanced.

    Also, in the Ranking list, only the drivers who actually ran at least one race are now shown. Drivers who signed up but never competed will no longer be listed in the raking.

    Another change is the addition of the drivers' country flag to the race results screen and rankings.

    However, the most important thing for you, we believe that it is the remember login. Once you have logged into steam, you will no longer need to log in again unless you click logout.

    We are waiting for you on the track!
  6. Hi splitRacers,

    today we had a small but very important addition. We activated the Power Grid, which corresponds to the average SRA level of the drivers who are in their split.

    This update is part of a larger update that will be released soon with new features.

    Happy races
  7. Hi Drivers,

    Today is the day to talk about a new feature that is ready to come out of the oven, the “Seasons”.

    This new feature will be released on the website in the next few hours so you can begin to understand and adapt to the format. There you will have competitions, based on the ranked races that we run daily. No running on a fixed day, here you run whenever you can or want to. As this is a new feature, a short period of tests will be carried out, keeping the score of the events made recently and that will be held until the end of this month.

    In October we will open a new season that will end on the 31st of the same month. It will serve as validation for the grand opening that will take place from November. Stay tuned as we'll soon bring you more news about the big release of the splitRace Season that will take place in November.

    But how do Seasons work?

    Let's clarify a few points for ease of understanding. It is by simulator, so both ACC, AMS2 and the future AC1 will have their seasons. The season is made up of rounds (or weeks for you to understand). Rounds always start on Monday and have their last day on Sunday. Each round two new tracks are released for the daily races where drivers compete and score points in the season.

    We don't call it races, but events, as each event can have several races. If there are 45 riders registered, we will have two races in the event. Splits #1 and #2 will be created, with 22 and 23 riders respectively, with riders grouped based on splitRating (SRA). If there are 70 riders, it will be 3 splits, and so on. The score is fixed, however it is multiplied by the Power Grid of your split (race you participated).

    The Power Grid is the simple average of the SRA (splitRating) of the drivers who were in their split (sum of the SRA of all drivers divided by the number of drivers in the split). Thus, the score that goes into the Season varies depending on the grid level. Finishing in 5th place in a split with a high Power Grid will certainly give you more points than winning a race with a low Power Grid. There is no minimum limit of races to be run each round. The system takes your best 25% results and disregards the others. So the more you run, the more chances you'll improve your Round score. The points accumulated throughout the rounds that make up the Season will define your champions. It is important to remember that, when the drivers' licenses are activated, Divisions will be created within each Season, which further increases competition between everyone.

    We hope you understand how the seasons will work.

    See you on the tracks.
  8. new-season (7).jpg
    Change Log (Alpha 09/23/2021)
    - SplitRating bugfix (SRA);
    - new adjustment in the calculation of the SRA;
    - SRA recalculation based on correction (bugfix) of all races;
  9. 244744007_343235584222591_5328359272762519101_n.jpg

    today we have BIG news. We activated our license system!!!!!!

    But calm down, the ranges of each license are reduced to test the progressions and eventual loss of licenses. We have not yet activated the limits that were released today here on discord and on our social media. It's a feature that will be tested in the next few days and if everything is ok, we'll activate the posted limits.

    There is still no minimum limit for a race to be considered official, that is, for it to be considered in the calculation of the SRA and SAF. This limit will soon be activated and at least 6 registered drivers will be required.

    Ah, we are nearing the end of the alpha phase of development. The beta stage is coming!

    Happy races to everyone

    Discord: https://discord.gg/38wWFemr66

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