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The End (Music Video... ish)

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by william1141, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. william1141

    william1141 Simracer

    The video

    The timelapse:

    Music: Green Day: "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"

    sorry for the bad framerate, the project was set to 24 fps, I shouldn't have done that.

    Alright this is the official end of my Assetto Corsa Video series. I am done here. I am not really motivated anymore to continue making AC video's, I apologize for the lazy editing.
    Please read this in order to understand the video title!!!
    The titles of all my video's tell a (almost invisible) story

    Pure awesomeness: you are a noob discovering the world of racing (this was my first ever AC "Music Video")

    Dream: you dream about becoming a professional race driver
    Adrenaline: you are at the start of your professional racing career
    Pedal to the metal: you are training harder in order to win races
    Over-rev: you are pushing yourself to the limit in racing
    The end: you are a retired racer


    Story of this video:
    you are a retired racer, you are going on the track for the very last time with your own car before you leave the racing track behind you forever. You are starting to have flashbacks of your racing career, as you slowly go through all the tracks you have ever driven on you suddenly get a gigantic flashback of the beginning of your racing career, it all started in your own car when you had no sponsors... no support... nothing. You have raced alot in Monza and in Vallelunga, suddenly you snap back in the real world. You see a wide corner and you think: "This will be my ever last drift I will ever pull" and you go for it and when you are slowly reach the end of the corner you think: "This is it, I am satisfied now" you finish your corner and leave the track, heading home... The end.

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