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A suggestion about antialiasing

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Alex1996, Jun 13, 2019.

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  1. Alex1996

    Alex1996 Gamer

    I have tried some different settings to have the best experience in VR.
    Briefly, these are my specs: Oculus Rift CV1, Intel i7 8700K (overclockable up to 4.9 GHz safely, but I leave it at stock frequencies), Gigabyte 1080 Windforce OC (not overclocked as I don’t now how to do it).
    From what I’ve read up to now, it is suggested, in general, to disable AA in games and use super sampling in Oculus Debug Tool.
    I’m currently using SS at 1.2 alongside ASW (that I found to be pretty effective, even if sometimes I read about people who dislike it).
    However I have also tried some settings of antialiasing in game, and I have to say that the effect is very clear and makes me doubt about disabling it in favor of super sampling.
    What is your experience? Would you raise SS and disable AA in game? Would you do the opposite?
    Thank you for your feedback

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  3. mikendrix

    mikendrix Simracer

  4. Neawoulf

    Neawoulf Hardcore Simmer

    I currently use the Rift CV1 with KTAA on high and Pixels per Display Pixel Override on 1.35 in the Oculus Debug Tool, and it looks quite good. I wouldn't disable AA completely because even with supersampling enabled there will be still some aliasing left on high contrast edges.
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  5. mikendrix

    mikendrix Simracer

    I couldn't get a decent image with KTAA so far. It's like another version of FXAA, slightly better.
    I quickly went back to TAA on Epic, with 1,3 on OTT it's the best I could have until now (with custom engine.ini though)
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  6. Alex1996

    Alex1996 Gamer

    Thank you very much guys
    Did you find any difference across the updates? Or these settings are pretty dependent on the patches? I’m always very cautious when I have to modify those kind of files...
    Could you explain what pagefile.sys is? I haven’t found it yet, and I don’t know what it does.
    Thank you again
  7. Mike1304

    Mike1304 Alien

    I really can’t believe what’s wrong with this game or on my side.
    I have RTX 2080Ti and Intel I9-CPU and can only run the same settings like you to achieve fluid 45 FPS. What a waste of money concerning my PC-hardware...:eek:
  8. Plastic_Manc

    Plastic_Manc Hardcore Simmer

    That's optimisation of drivers really. Most drivers for rtx will learn towards the 2070 currently (I've got one) as by volume they will be the highest volume. Bit turd when you've spent the money you have on your setup however.
  9. Alex1996

    Alex1996 Gamer

    From what I read, I guess that the best hope is to obtain 45 FPS, am I right?
  10. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Thing is you are probably quiet close to 90 but not quiet there so it drops it straight to 45 ASW mode. If you want to play with it open the Oculus tools and enable the performance HUD, then start ACC on lowest settings and max out settings one at a time to see what it does to FPS. Maybe worth disabling ASW for the testing otherwise you will see only either 90 or 45.

    When tweaking settings like this I first focus on outright clarity so SS and AA with everything else on lowest, then when I’m happy with clarity I move on to the other eye candy stuff
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  11. Neawoulf

    Neawoulf Hardcore Simmer

    TAA reduces aliasing a lot better, but it causes some bad ghosting. MSAA would still be the best option, but unfortunately ACC/Unreal Engine with deferred rendering doesn't support it. KTAA combined with supersampling is at least for me the best compromise currently. It's not perfect, but good enough. FXAA ... we don't want to talk about FXAA :) Imho it is A LOT worse than any other anti aliasing method in ACC and it seems it does barely anything at all to reduce aliasing.
  12. Atrip3

    Atrip3 Racer

  13. Loren Thomas

    Loren Thomas Gamer

    Nice to see that there's good development of spatial AA techniques going on - hopefully Kunos can work to implement something better than in that area. Even though the temporal methods may currently be the best-looking in ACC, they will never be a real solution, because temporal aliasing isn't the problem to begin with.
  14. Alex1996

    Alex1996 Gamer

    Ok, I tried the monitoring system for the whole day. The result is that on practice mode (or every mode in which I'm alone on track), I have 90 fps pretty solid. When I race, things are very different. Sometimes it feels better to have 45 fps (with "performance" very below zero as said by the oculus tool) rather than having between 60 and 70 fps with the "best compromise". I'm trying CPU overclocking (but I don't think it will bring more performances), and I'll try also to work on the engine.ini file.

    Just one more question, that was probably lost in the previous posts: I have read about pagefile.sys file with some dimensions, but I have no idea what and where it is. I've read also that someone used it to improve performances. Could you explain how it works?
    Thank you very much for your patience
  15. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Yeah, for me I find it feels best to keep it locked to 45 rather then have it bounce around.

    Page file is what your PC will use if it runs out of RAM, I wouldn’t bother playing with it unless you are running out of RAM.

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  16. Alex1996

    Alex1996 Gamer

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  17. Thx1137

    Thx1137 Racer

    The page file is NOT for just RAM exhaution. It is a lot more involved than that and Microsoft say some important OS processes won't operate properly if it is off or too small and it and it is only to be changed for specialist server purposes. Gamers have advocated setting it manually for a many, many years simply based on the title "page file" and it leads to no end of people having trouble and blaming apps because they think disabling it or limiting it improves performance.

    Lets put it this way. Besides the fact that the some internal systems expect to preload to the cache and other internal factors, you have a piece of software (unused app, driver, etc) that the OS thinks "this RAM isn't being used by anything running, I can swap it to a page file on disk and free up RAM for disk caching to speed up disk access or for other apps to use". Then you limit it. You artificially restricted the amount of free memory your PC can draw on.

    On a defraged hard disk I could never measure any verifiable improvement. On a disk that is never defragged AND has very low memory (on a 64 bit OS that is 8GB or lower) it can have an effect but your system has other problems. Adding a new one just moves where the problem is and changes the symptoms. On an SSD, it is completely pointless to change. Just because it is widely reported doesn't mean it is accurate. A lot of info is just regurgitated without re-validation.

    The insidious thing about page file problems is that there are many, many symptoms and none of them say "page file exhausted", it is always some other app that has a problem and gets blamed.
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  18. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    correct :)
  19. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    The main point is, don’t touch the page file settings, nothing to be gained there
  20. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Depends on your RAM an the sim. I play x-plane 11 with HD meshes which requires met to set a very large pagefile.
  21. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Windows will grow it itself as required, with X Plane I believe it wants a heap of ram, more then most people’s 16GB for the big maps so will actually use the page file
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