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Generic [ACC 1.2.3] After 2nd practice soundloop went on and on and on..

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by Alfa90_Buttje, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. Alfa90_Buttje

    Alfa90_Buttje Rookie

    Hi there,

    This is my first post here, so I hope this goes well.

    ACC: 1.2.3
    track: Silverstone
    car: Ferrari 488 GT3

    I started a race weekend, 2x10min practice, 2x10min qualy and 2x 30min race. I was just finishing the 2nd practice and stopped somewhere along the track and the wait time was over .. so the results appeared while I was warped somewhere just behind a tire wall with the results just above it. On that moment other cars were still driving by and this sound was then looped. I went to the next session, being 1st qualy and was on my spot in the pits as the soundloop went on and on and on .. I skipped to the 2nd qualy and still the sound went on and on .. so I exited the weekend .. but still the soundloop while I was in the main menu. So then I exited the game entirely so I was back on my desktop .. and stil the sound went on and on ... so then I logged off my Windows .. and then FINALLY it stopped..

    Attached are my logs. If there is anything else I can add, please tell me what you need to know.

    I hope this was helpfull. Don't want this to happen in an online session.. so I'd have to exit the race.


    Attached Files:

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  3. Alfa90_Buttje

    Alfa90_Buttje Rookie

    oops, wrong thread somehow .. please delete if possible .. sorry my bad :(

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