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ACC Sverige Sprint Cup

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Johan Arildsson #142, Oct 15, 2020.

  1. Hi,
    my name is Johan, im organizing a league for the swedish scene.

    The concept is easy. One sprint cup a month. During the race sunday we will race 4 randomized track with randomized conditions. The qualifiying will be 10 minutes and the race 20 minutes. Prior to the race, a stream will be started to show the randomization or "draw". No fixed races at this time.

    Reading on this forum I realized I needed to implement a forum on our site, and so I did.

    You can find our league at www.acc-sprint.se
    On the website you can find additional rules and information in the new forum and also our link to discord.

    We might add additional races if events are successful. The amibition is to do two events each month.

    We will race with diffrent concepts to have a high degree of variation. Our 2nd planned Sprint Cup will be 4 races in 4 classes. GT3, GT4, ST, CUP.

    We will have a marathon table to show who is the most frequent winner/participant.

    For the first event, there are currently 9 spots avalible. As for now our server is set to 16 spots, if this league attracts drivers we will most likely extend the server capacity.

    The point system we use will be a copy of the Formula 1. Scoring in the top 10 will award points. Scoring a pole position will also generate points and last but not least, fastest lap of the race also gets awarded a point.

    As our age varies from 20-50 years old, we expect maturity among drivers and expect racers to have fun and make some new friends on the swedish racing scene.

    Hope to hear from fellow swedes.

    Thanks for reading.

    Best Regards,
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