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Accerlation with xbox one elite controller

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by George Bavaria, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have a issue with the controller steering on xbox. First the game use only 50% of the R trigger. When I press the r trigger 50% down I have max rpm. The same on a normal xbox controller.
    Then I think that xbox version takes very slowly the throttle. Even when I deactivated all assists the acceleration feels delayed like a traction control. When I keep in mind that the trigger gives by 50% full throttle some cars accelerate to gentle.
    The lotus eos 125 is the best example for it. In the pc version I had traction problems until 3 rd gear and here on xbox the car feels total different with controller. Much easier to handle.
    It's a bit dissapointing because I hoped for the same experience like on pc what driving belongs. I don't if it have to do that ypu always have 100% grip on the xbox version an temp always over 32ÂșC.

    I think this should be fixed because when people can't handle Accerlation they have the option to activate tcs. Suspension and tire physics are phantastic but that irritate me really. Because I think that on pc the cars are more fun and more challenging to drive. That's why I buy this game.

    Ps: the acceleration feels on my xbox elite and xbox standard the same. So it does not depend on my settings on elite controller.

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  3. Horus

    Horus Alien

    Not sure if it applies to the console version, but on the PC there are hidden aids dependent on the control system used. So maybe this is what you are feeling with the acceleration, the 50% pressure things sounds like a calibration issue. I believe you do not have a calibration option in game, so have you tried pushing the triggers before starting the game, as it sounds like an problem we have on the PC side. Where if you start the game with the wheel connected for the first few laps the brakes/throttle are hyper sensitive but slowly recalibrate, or you get used to it not sure which. Placebo effects are strong in this title. :)
  4. I run an xbox one Elite gamepad in online motogp championships on xbox one and PS4..

    I'll try the Elite out on the xbox one version of AC and see if I have the same problem myself.

    Is the x1 Elite you have set to the full range of trigger input(s) under the advanced settings for the x1 Elite gamepad via the xbox one Elite advanced gamepad adjustments available from the xbox one dashboard under "Settings"? Just a thought.

  5. I just gave the x1 Elite gamepad a run on AC on the xbox one version of the game..

    Have to report throttle and also brake input(s) were absolutely fine. Same result as with a standard xbox one gamepad. Stood in neutral and tested the throttle and it was progressive and fully linear all the way to the redline and beyond. Felt absolutely with the x1 Elite gamepad doing a few laps round Catalunya also.

    So I encounter no problems using the Elite gamepad whatsoever..

    Just a thought but have you updated the controller "firmware" on this controller via the dashboard "settings" menu? Is the gamepad running the latest version "firmware"?

  6. I can see in the app for the xbox controller that everything works fine. And friend have the same issue with the calibration. I have the newest firmware. So far as I know you must always have the newest firmware to use the app
    The calibration in the game is not available. I can't change it by myself.
    And like I sad I set all 0 to 100 on both triggers and the controller works perfect what you can check with the app. Why should run the controller on every other game fine and then on assetto corsa.
    It's the same case like in pcars on release. Even there people denying the issue with the x axis and said whe are to dumb to play sims.
    Did some dev read this threads here. Because they the only one where the calibration setting in the game are. There is hundert percent no 100% range. You can find it very easy out when you push the trigger in neutral. And then you see that you give full throttle on 50%. In gears you can't test it really. I didn't say that the acceleration is not linear. The most didn't realize that the game gives full throttle on the half way. And when you drive with tcs or whatever than you didn't feel. But when you sit in a f40 tuned you realize very fast that you could need that more range.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2016
  7. Well I went back and checked it once again..

    I think I owe you an apology. You're absolutely right.

    I am getting exactly the same effect..

    (I'm just confused why I did not get this result first time round when I tried it..I stood motionless in neutral and did the same test. It seemed o.k. at the first attempt.. Maybe it's just me being stupid? Me of all people should have spotted this as we had problems with a "peaky" throttle and a "grabby" brake when using the x1 controller on the gpbikes simulator..)

    Anyway, having tested it again I concur. It does indeed seem that the triggers on the xbox one controller have not been mapped to the game properly.

    Apologies for my confusing "result" from earlier.

    Last edited: Sep 15, 2016
    George Bavaria likes this.
  8. No problem girlracer :).
    I think for the most people who use controller is it no issue. Because the most cars are very wheel driveable. And i think most use tcs then you feel absolutely no issue. But specially when you try one of the drift cars than you feel it very fast. Because it's harder to steering with throttle.
    I hope that with some of the next update the calibration of the steering and throttle and bracke will be available. So that everybody can set up like he wants.
    I know that I maybe expect a bit to much control on controller and I should have to buy a wheel. But the calibration should be really fixed.
  9. billelstar

    billelstar Gamer

    I have the same probleme with my t300rs racing wheel..the wheel calibration is ok but pedals are not calibrated compared to the maximal pressure of pedals..when you are pressing the pedal at 25% you got the maximum RPM value..so playing without TC on gt or hyper cars is impossible..you cant handle the car

    Is there any issue ?? Or maybe kunos must think on it
  10. So far as I know marco wrote in his blog that the wheel will get calibration settings in the options :)
    billelstar likes this.
  11. billelstar

    billelstar Gamer

    I hope so...wheel and pedals :)

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