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Competizione graphic and steering wheel improvement?

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Afzeipv, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. Afzeipv

    Afzeipv Rookie

    I own AC on Xbox One with Logitech G920 steering wheel.

    As you know The steering wheel is not totally perfect supported but it works. The same with grafics. It works but it's not what I would like to have in times with my TV being able to do 4k Dolby Vision.

    So my question is: how good can I improve my a) graphics and b) steering wheel by:

    1) purchasing ACC and hold xbox one ?
    2) purchasing Xbox one X and hold AC?
    2) purchasing ACC and Xbox One X or better wait for Series X? (nobody will know the answer for the series x I guess)

    I have heard that ACC has problems with fps? Are the fps still better than in my old system or even worse?? Better hold my old system?

    Or what about my steering wheel. Will it improve with ACC or with Xbox X? Or which steering wheel on Xbox is better for AC? Or should I better purchase Playstation? Or PC? Cloud gaming? So many questions :)

    Thank you very much for your sharing experiences

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  3. Grant Read

    Grant Read Rookie

    I have xbox one and ACC and started with a G920. The whole experience was bad. That was 6 months ago. They improved the FFB (force feed back) and the G920 was ok not great but ok and with some setting changes in FFB menu it was better but not fantastic. The graphics and frame rate on the Xbox one are poor. There are still bugs with the game but not game breaking. You need to put a lot of time into the game to get the most out of it. I love the game even with all its problems.
    I now use a Fanatec Clubsport wheel and their V3 Pedals which have improved the feeling a great deal and the enjoyment also increased. I will test the game out on an Xbox series X later this week hopefully and I will let you know how it goes.
    For me I will be building a PC. I wont be buying the new Series X as I would also like to use VR in the future and that ACC looks incredible on a PC which sold me on it.

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