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Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by moneypizzle, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. nfsw55

    nfsw55 Hardcore Simmer

    Calendar is wrong, Zandvoort's happening today.
    Dewald Nel likes this.
  2. Elrann

    Elrann Simracer

    It is now fixed. Sorry for that issue.
  3. The 2 hours endurance on Sundays is scheduled at 1am/16/18/20/22 or this changes?
  4. Frankenstoner

    Frankenstoner Rookie

    2h endurance is only on every first Sunday of the month and then there is 1 Race at 19.00 CET
  5. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    Something wrong here I think. The calendar says Kayalami tonight, but the online server is random. I think you're a day behind the actual events.
  6. nfsw55

    nfsw55 Hardcore Simmer

    It's correct, Kyalami was on the 5th, the next cp race at 1am cet is already on the 6th. Maybe you're in a different time zone.
    tjr likes this.
  7. GMGOnzaga

    GMGOnzaga Rookie

    Hey, guys! Anyone outside NA or Europe having trouble with CP servers? Until last week or so NA server would come up to me and ping was safe enough. Then it switched to the europe server for a few days and I didn't dare to connect. Finally, they are all gone and all I get is the no servers in your region message. Any clues on whats going on?
  8. Vítor Sousa

    Vítor Sousa Alien

    How many splits in the 2h race?
  9. Dewald Nel

    Dewald Nel Simracer

    Not many, it seems. Joined as fast as humanly possible, but getting "The server is full".
  10. Vítor Sousa

    Vítor Sousa Alien

    Yep. I usually dabble between splits 1 and 2 and got the same.
    Either everyone's joining this one or there are less splits?
  11. quelus

    quelus Rookie

    Same here.
  12. stephen_b

    stephen_b Racer

    There were 9.
  13. Vítor Sousa

    Vítor Sousa Alien

    Hmm. Odd that I couldn't get in then. Guess only top players showed up...
  14. Preckur

    Preckur Rookie

    Same here, iam angry as fack. Was looking forward about weeks ago.
    Dewald Nel likes this.
  15. JakubFranek

    JakubFranek Gamer

    I had a CP of 1 and got into split 7/9 with no issues. Was a good race.
  16. Vítor Sousa

    Vítor Sousa Alien

    Lol. Weird matchmaking then...
    Dewald Nel and JakubFranek like this.
  17. Rioku

    Rioku Racer

    I have to reach Racefraft 60 before unlock CP?

    I have RC 53 since lot of time, this value don´t increase...
  18. JakubFranek

    JakubFranek Gamer

    I don't think so. My RC (and other peoples too, your likely included) has been broken for the last month, personally I am stuck at 28 and it never changes. But I can access CP servers no problem. I think the only requirements are track medals (just get TR 99) and SA.
  19. Rioku

    Rioku Racer

    Yes but, will CP increase having RC below 60?
  20. JakubFranek

    JakubFranek Gamer

    Ooh you meant CP rating not CP servers. My CP increases even with RC stuck at 28. I think as long as you have it unlocked it is going to work. Not sure what the unlocking criterion is but its definitely not RC 50 as I haven't reached that yet and I still have CP unlocked.
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