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CPU Usage Warning

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by Eric D, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Max Doubt

    Max Doubt Racer

    Grab the 7700k mate if you have a Z270 board. If your board is a non Z then a 7700 will do and may cost less. Either will be more than enough for 100+ fps at little over 50% load. If at 1080p on the ti, you'll achieve 150+ frames with reasonable settings. Full grid A.I. no worries either.
  2. Stekelly1980

    Stekelly1980 Rookie

    Thanks for your reply.

    I'm definitely considering it.

    I don't have a overclocking motherboard on the simulator but the 7700k is clicked higher than the 7700 so would still go with it if I did choose the upgrade cpu.
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  3. Raklödder

    Raklödder Simracer

    It can't be any worse than my old i5-7600K (4c/4t), but you really should invest in a six-core CPU and an 8600K or 2600X with multithreading should do the trick, if you're planing to use if for a few years.
    Stekelly1980 likes this.
  4. mister dog

    mister dog Alien

    My i5 4590 can't handle ACC, I get constant stutters both lapping by myself or racing with other cars on track. Tried lowering both resolution and graphics but nothing helps. I'm normally able to play newer games at 2560/1440 on my 1060 gpu when I turn down the graphics a notch and keep a stable 60fps, but even playing at 1080p with mid to low graphics my PC struggles to give me smooth gameplay in ACC.

    Not sure what to do now apart from upgrading my CPU, but seeing I don't have this issue with other games I might not spend that dough just yet.
  5. Stekelly1980

    Stekelly1980 Rookie

    I assume there must be a setting or two that may help, I need to test what car amount limit I can do on mine. Im okay with 7 others which is fine for a quick race but not exactly simulator
  6. mister dog

    mister dog Alien

    Reminds me of the old Gran Turismo grids :D
  7. I5-4670k@4GHz here and stutters too. Its a lot better with the last version of ACC. But still there and dangerous when it happens while cornering or braking.
    I'll try a I7-4790k@4.4GHz (fastest CPU for my mainboard) this week. Maybe the higher thread count can help a liitle bit.
    I can't afford the whole change MB,RAM and CPU :(
    mister dog likes this.
  8. mister dog

    mister dog Alien

    ^ I was monitoring it and RAM should be ok if you have 16GB, game just seems to be really heavy on the CPU side of things at the moment.
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  9. josecar_fr

    josecar_fr Rookie

    I had a i5 4690k and had a lot of problems. But I change to i7 4790k and now work perfectly. The CPU keep around 50%
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  10. 16GB RAM=checked :)

    ...sounds good :)
  11. Now after the CPU change I've to agree to the fullest. The i7 4790k can handle much higher settings without any problems. Also my CPU keep 50%. It's a much more improvement than expected.
  12. josecar_fr

    josecar_fr Rookie

    You're right mate, it's a big improvement.
    After_Midnight likes this.
  13. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    I wasn't too surprised by the improvement when going from 7600K to 8700. Others had reported that ACC seems to make good use of additional cores/threads.

    7600K was running between 75 and 95 %. Image got a bit unsmooth starting from 85 %.
    Now CPU usage is between 25 and 35 % and i noticed immediately after the swap that the image was smoother.

    I didn't increase GFX settings, though. Which ones could you increase?

    Anyways, I'm glad you could make this upgrade and have a better experience now. I'm very happy, too - the 8700 is a beast.

    ACC really takes a grunty PC.
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  14. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    I have an i7 and a 2070 arriving next week....looking g forward to turning tha AI and graphics up...
  15. josecar_fr

    josecar_fr Rookie

    I think this game need a i7 mandatory.
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  16. Jakkison

    Jakkison Gamer

    I5 9600k here and everything runs smooth
  17. Maybe more specific:
    You'll need more than 4Cores/4Threads ;)
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  18. mister dog

    mister dog Alien

    I hope the game can be further optimized though so people with less beefier CPU's can still run it.
    Fremen_78 likes this.
  19. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Can they not run at reduced settings?
    The other side of the coin is I hope it takes advantage of all the CPU/GPU power available for added features and effects
    Any game that can be "maxed out" on mid range hardware is wasting potential
  20. mister dog

    mister dog Alien

    I'm not asking for a maxed out experience on a mid range CPU, as long as it doesn't end up being a stutter fest on low to mid graphical settings that would be good enough for me (and many others that don't have the latest and greatest).
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