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Down shifting

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Fa5, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Fa5

    Fa5 Rookie

    Good afternoon sim heads I have and issue with downshifting when I go to downshift it does not all the times but most and it's definitely causing me to not go 100% thinking I might just come in to the corner to fast I have a G920 has anyone else have similar issues and if Kunos is aware of this is it being resolved ?

    Also why do my setups not save ?
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  3. Horus

    Horus Alien

    Is it the downshift protection, what car are you seeing this happen with?
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  4. Fa5

    Fa5 Rookie

    Any car that has paddle shifting and where is downshift protection settings at ?

    Thanks for the reply
  5. Dyr_gl

    Dyr_gl Racer

    Fixed it for you.
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  6. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    They could disable downshift protection and then for those that want to shift so early just blow the engine or gearbox on all those shifts. Would you rather miss a shift or blow the engine? also if it wont let you shift at that RPM maybe try shift at lower rpm next time. ;)
  7. LucaBenj

    LucaBenj Racer

    The problem is for 0 rpm too!!
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  8. Horus

    Horus Alien

    The is a setting in the PC version to protect against twitchy multi-shifts (0 - 200ms). As for removing the downshift protection, AC is a sim, so if the real cars have it so does its virtual counterpart.
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  9. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Your saying you cant shift down at 0 RPM? that would be a bug and not related to shift protection built into many cars to protect them from poor drivers. :D
  10. Dyr_gl

    Dyr_gl Racer

    Thing is, real cars software works, unlike the lazy attempt at it in this game.

    The "feature" in the game will let happen dangerous shifts that get you the full Xmas tree on the dash when the lower gear engages, and then will block shifts that would get you nowhere near the rev limiter at all. It´s not working, and while it´s not working it´s better they disable it.
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  11. HavanaB0B

    HavanaB0B Hardcore Simmer

    Using a G920 on the Xbox and I have had zero issues shifting in cars that have downshift protection. If I have missed a shift it has always been my fault by trying to downshift to early. Running with auto blip, and auto clutch off, don't know if that might make a difference.
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  12. Dyr_gl

    Dyr_gl Racer

    I have tried all sorts of combinations with the assists (both transmission ones and ABS) trying to track down the issue and it's always there.

    Thing many fail to understand is this has nothing to do with how hard you downshift. If the feature "intercepted" shifts over a fixed threshold of revs it would be easy to anticipate and adapt to. But it stops shifts randomly. Some aggressive ones stick, some conservative ones are not registered. It's just broken.

    Anyway, we'll talk again when you get 1.09, I was happy with this particular aspect before that patch
  13. HavanaB0B

    HavanaB0B Hardcore Simmer

    I'm on 1.09, no issue.
  14. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    FTFY. On PC it works like supposed to. Real cars have downshift protection, on PC no problems. So problem is not in the game. Maybe the port to consoles.. or your head.
  15. Raikku

    Raikku Racer

    Drivers fault if he(or she in rare cases) try to downshift too early.
  16. Dyr_gl

    Dyr_gl Racer

    What is with that irresistible urge to talk about irrelevant stuff? It IS a problem in the game, Kudos decided to port it and they're responsible for it's quality every bit as much as they were for the PC one.

    I'm very glad you got a game that works. We don't.
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  17. schmron

    schmron Racer

    Downshift protection isn't a "platform dependet thing". In game engine it works same on console as like on PC.
    Why should KS rewrite this part of sourcecode?!

    If there is a bug you can help KS to fix it with posting a video. Be sure we can see your wheel/gamepad and engine rev in the video
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  18. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    Like schmron said, post a video about the bug. I've done that at least 5 times in this 2 years I've played AC, when I saw one. It helps developers. Saying some vague stuff about "it being lazy job" doesn't help much. How downshift protection is, varies from car to car. So there isn't any way to know if you have bug, until you show it so it can be compared to working PC version. Likelihood that it's someone who doesn't understand what downshift protection means, is quite high. There were some complaints about it on PC forum as well, when it was implemented. "Latest patch broke shifting". It can be bug, but it can be also user problem. Like people complaining that certain car is "way too understeery" which 99% cases means they were going in too hot, and/ or overturning the wheel, worsening problem. Until proven by video, there is possibility that person can't just shift, and Kunos doesn't have time to check each and every car one by one. Their console team is much smaller than their actual team, just few guys.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2016
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  19. Dyr_gl

    Dyr_gl Racer

    Been there, done that, zero attention from devs.

    (8:33 on)

    Sorry to disappoint you, but there´s not "user problem". **** just doesn´t work. I checked the paddles in the PC controller software and other games, they work 100% of the time. And I know how to shift a stupid sequential car, everybody does.

    It is absolutely ridiculous how far you guys are going to go before dealing with the fact the game is a wreck on consoles... The whole subforum is full of compliants about this and you´re still babbling nonsense trying to make every possible excuse.
  20. schmron

    schmron Racer

    I see:
    @9:00 slide because shift down, break and turn in at once.
    @9:40 rev was to high (very hard to read rpms with this bad video quality)

    Just my opinion
  21. Dyr_gl

    Dyr_gl Racer

    What you have actually seen is the game allowing a marginal shift and then denying two consecutive attempts to shift down in a far more conservative fashion in the same car, same track, same corner, same gearing. The second of them came while the engine was bogging down completely out of the ideal rev range.

    In other words, the game failing.
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