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XB1 Fanatec Users Whats Opinions So Far

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by inthebagbud, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. inthebagbud

    inthebagbud Gamer

    We are a week in or so in and I am wondering how fellow Fanatec users now feel about the FFB. We have posted our settings in the other thread which in most cases are pretty much the same but I'm not getting the wow feeling that some of the guys who run TM wheels are reporting to me.

    Now it could be that they are both the same and I have just got used to the Fanatec, with TM owners feeling in the game what the Fanatec has always had

    but I'm not sure of that as I'm not going wow this is fantastic and wonder whether Fanatecs on consoles may not be as well implemented and they are more suited to PC

    What do other Fanatec users think as this weekend I am going to borrow a TM wheel and see if I get that wow factor

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    SGT EDUBB Gamer

    Im totally happy with the game physics and FFB. Racing with CSW V2 / CSP V3. Make sure your wheel base and pedals are updated to latest Beta driver v250 FW176. This beta is safe to run IMO and Ive had no issues. These are the settings Im currently running, could change.

    Game FFB settings 70/5/5/5
    FOV 60deg

    Wheel FFB settings
    LIN. OFF
    DEA. OFF
    DRI. 003
    BrkF 25-30 Depends on car, set lower if locking the wheels while breaking heavy.
  4. Davestone

    Davestone Rookie

    When did that firmware and driver come out as i only updated last year when i had my wheel.

    SGT EDUBB Gamer

    Fanatec Beta Driver v250 (incl. new firmwares) [25/05/2016]
  6. Davestone

    Davestone Rookie

    Thank you i must find this and update.

    SGT EDUBB Gamer

    You have to log in, you will find it in the community section under Beta drivers.
  8. Davestone

    Davestone Rookie

    My phone had a link and used to log me in to their site but it stopped earlier this year, I have been out of the loop I will do it tomorrow.
  9. Haven't updated the firmware on my wheel but i find the ffb exceptional.
  10. inthebagbud

    inthebagbud Gamer

    Care to share your settings
  11. Will do just got in from work from what i remember is they are fairly close to most ppl in the main fanatec ffb thread
  12. Ok,on wheel settings
    Sen 380
    FF 30
    Sho off
    Abs 35
    Lin off
    Dea off
    Drl 003
    Brf 30

    In game
    Ffb 45%
    Slip 0%
    Understeer off


    I have the Club Sport Xbox One bundle I'm running the firmware that was on the site when I got my setup. When I turn my wheel on it says 142 on the LED read out. My setting are as follows.

    In game
    FFB = 45
    Curb FFB = 25
    Road FFB =25
    Slip FFB = 10

    Fanatec wheel settings are default setting after firmware update and calibration. I have not been able to update my wheel base firmware to said beta v250. I did go in to my Fanatec software and looked at info there and it said I'm running Driver v261 beta with firmware wheel v142.
  14. Unfortunately I've got an extremely old laptop but i think i will try n grab the latest firmware update off of it and see if it improves any part of the ac ffb. At the moment I'm only getting 116 on tbe wheel at start up so an update may be in order

    SGT EDUBB Gamer

    Yea, you should deff update. I think official release ATM is 142 for the CSW V2.
  16. Raikku

    Raikku Racer

    I have been thinking if AC give "too much" ffb for CSW v2, 'cause if I keep in-wheel ffb at 100%, I have to lower in-game ffb to around 10-15%, otherwise forces are so violent that
    there's danger to break my wheel(also makes steering little bit difficult if steering is "solid"...).

    Could be also newest(beta) firmware which I use in my CSW v2(fw176, 250-drivers for pc), 'cause in Automobilista in pc-side also has this "too strong forces"-situation. Also CSL P1-wheel is so light
    that with XB1-un.hub and some general wheel rim(cause that combo would be so much heavier) whole case could be very different.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2016

    SGT EDUBB Gamer

    Have you tried setting the CSW V2 FFB=AUTO?
  18. Raikku

    Raikku Racer

    It seems that it doesn't make difference, 100% or ffb aut, I have to lower ingame under 20. In example some 70% ffb ingame is impossible cause steering is like welded together and CSL P1 rim would
    definitely break(or base's inner mechanism) if I would force it to turn. Let's say that if clipping is 100%, that feel with excessive ffb is like 300-400%.
  19. Jamesgrainge

    Jamesgrainge Gamer

    The amount of money some of you boys have spent on their set up, you could have gone racing for real for that
  20. inthebagbud

    inthebagbud Gamer

    Yep but I would be in hospital with a mangled mess of a car;)
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  21. Pretty sure the amount of beer i drink while racing isnt allowed irl as well
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