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Feedback regarding the HUD - thanks for reading

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Jacob B., Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Jacob B.

    Jacob B. Rookie

    i posted a similar thread in the wrong subforum, sorry for that.


    first of all thanks for a fun first experience with the first release.

    I wanted to ask, what are the plans for the final release regarding the hud.

    In my opinion the options the original AC offered, were and still are awesome.

    Dragable and resizeable HUD elements for example, is something I really wish to see with the final release.
    Is that planned?

    Two other features which are a great addition for a good racing experience are two mods, a lot of people use in Assetto Corsa:

    Helicorsa and Real Head Motion.

    Helicorsa is as you probably know, a radar which displays the surrounding cars.
    For us non VR users, this is something we need to have in a proper and fair racing environment.

    Im pretty sure a lot of people would be very thankful if you would implement this as a native feature.

    Equally great is the mod "real head motion" which pans the camera to the direction youre steering.
    This feature should have the option to regulate the min and max angle, at which angle the camera starts panning etc.

    I understand that you have a projectplan and different priorities. I just want to give my feedback and hope you take this into consideration.

    As Shigeru Miyamoto already stated: "a delayed game is better than a non-finished game". :)

    Thank you for your great work and I would really appreciate a reply regarding my suggestions.

    With best regards

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  3. Pulley

    Pulley Simracer

    I would like the ability to just add individual items,so if I want to check the FFB Clipping I just have that and that only, not the Revs/Gear/Other guff. Same with Delta Time would be cool just have a small box so I know whether I'm faster/slower.
  4. Guido Trampe

    Guido Trampe Simracer

    The Delta feature is allready present in the Hud of tje Lambo itself

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