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For those who want better FFB!

Discussion in 'ACC Tools' started by Xizor, Sep 25, 2021.

  1. Xizor

    Xizor Rookie

    Transformed the FFB for me!

    There is now a chance to catch the sudden oversteer and some feeling when the front end looses traction. I urge anyone who is dissatisfied with the FFB to give this a try.
    Quite tricky to install, but well worth it IMO, enjoy!

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  3. Xizor

    Xizor Rookie

    755 views and not a single reply... interesting!
  4. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    Well, I looked into this thread and can't confirm your sensation of sudden oversteer and don't feel the need of improving FFB as ACC especially since 1.8 gives me the best FFB sensation I ever had in any sim. (iRacing, Dirt Rally 1 + 2, The Crew 1 + 2, AC, RaceRoom, etc. etc.)

    There you have a feedback, did it help? :)
  5. I looked into this before 1.8, but couldnt get it to work and honestly just gave up after one try.

    After the latest ffb update I dont really feel the need anymore.
  6. Xizor

    Xizor Rookie

    Thanks for the replies.

    It can be a little tricky to get this working properly I agree, but once it is, I think it adds some missing elements to the stock FFB, Worth giving it more than one try IMO.

    However, I will admit that the FFB in 1.8 is better, not as good as AC or rF2, but certainly better!
  7. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    I may add to my post, I onced tried irFFB when iwas on iracing as their FFB sucks. yeah... it was somewhat better, but still not good. May be related to my HW (TM 300RS) but I don't miss anything in ACC.
  8. Xizor

    Xizor Rookie

    Well, this is very similar to irFFB. It takes nothing away from the ACC FFB, just adds some feeling of when the front or rear tyres are loosing traction. Something I think is missing or so subtle I can't detect it on my humble Thrustmaster TX wheel. I imagine with a better DD wheel these effects are more obvious.
  9. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    Isn't your TX Wheel supposed to have a slightly higher torque output than my T300 RS?
    I can feel it in my wheel when the front tyres are loosing grip and now with the new typre model and physics I can feel earlier and even better power oversteer and catch it.
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  10. accFFB is great, even compared to default 1.8 FFB
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  11. hellfrog_ACFR

    hellfrog_ACFR Rookie

    Hi all.
    have a fanatec clubsport 2.0 wheel, still working like a charm
    tried vjoy + accFFB 0.2 yesterday night. Had a bit of difficulties to calibrate vJoy with the wheel, but finally succeded, I Was impressed and wanted to test further that night.
    No way to calibrate again the vjoy and my wheel.
    Reinstalled vJoy , reboot, tried all possibilities of switching on and off wheel before /after activating vjoy, enabling vjoy prior or after wheel, no way to calibrate vjoy with my wheel.
    Passed 2 hours on that , searching web, no soluce found...
    It worked yesterday night, but was late and had to stop it.
    today, no success... and vJoy had lost the wheel calibration after i had switched the wheel off yesterday and back on tonight...

    Any idea or location to find help ?
    Bug in the beta version ?
    install log is :
    +++++++ +++++++ +++++++ +++++++ +++++++ +++++++ +++++++ +++++++ +++++++ +++++++
    +++++++ +++++++ Wed Apr 27 01:12:26 2022
    +++++++ +++++++ OS: 10.0   (x64)
    >> main: DeviceHWID --> root\VID_1234&PID_BEAD&REV_0219 ; InfFile --> vJoy.inf
      FindInstalled: Searching for HWID root\VID_1234&PID_BEAD&REV_0219
      FindInstalled: Searching for HWID root\VID_1234&PID_BEAD
      Install: GetFullPathName --> C:\Program Files\vJoy\vJoy.inf
      Install: hwIdList --> root\VID_1234&PID_BEAD&REV_0219
      Install: SetupDiGetINFClass --> Class Name HIDClass
      Install: SetupDiCreateDeviceInfoList OK
      Install: SetupDiCreateDeviceInfo  OK
      Install: SetupDiSetDeviceRegistryProperty  OK
      Install: SetupDiCallClassInstaller  OK
      Install: Starting cmdUpdate
      cmdUpdate: GetFullPathName --> C:\Program Files\vJoy\vJoy.inf
      cmdUpdate: Install: Starting cmdUpdate
      cmdUpdate:  File newdev.dll loaded OK
      cmdUpdate:  CMP_WaitNoPendingInstallEvents returned WAIT_OBJECT_0
      cmdUpdate:  UPDATEDRIVERFORPLUGANDPLAYDEVICES(hwid=root\VID_1234&PID_BEAD&REV_0219, InfPath=C:\Program Files\vJoy\vJoy.inf) executed OK
      cmdUpdate returns code 0
      Install: Finished cmdUpdate
      Install: SetupDiGetDeviceInstanceId (Device Instance Path=ROOT\HIDCLASS\0001) OK
      Install() OK - No need to reboot
    [I]  GetParentDevInst: ParentDeviceNode = ROOT\HIDCLASS\0001 , CompatibleId = hid_device_system_game
    [I]  GetParentDevInst: Function CM_Locate_DevNode OK
    [I]  AssignCompatibleId: Function CM_Get_Child OK
    [I]  AssignCompatibleId: Function CM_Get_Device_ID_Size OK
    [I]  AssignCompatibleId: Function CM_Get_Device_ID (Device Instance Path = HID\HIDCLASS\1&4784345&2&0000) OK
    [I]  AssignCompatibleId: Function CM_Reenumerate_DevNode[1] OK
    [I]  AssignCompatibleId: Function CM_Locate_DevNode (Device Instance Path = HID\HIDCLASS\1&4784345&2&0000) OK
    [I]  AssignCompatibleId: Function SetupDiCreateDeviceInfoList OK
    [I]  AssignCompatibleId: Function SetupDiOpenDeviceInfo OK
    [W]  SetupDiSetDeviceRegistryProperty failed with error: Unknown Error: e0000209
    [I]  AssignCompatibleId was OK
    [I]  AssignCompatibleId: Function CM_Get_Sibling OK
    [I]  AssignCompatibleId: Function CM_Get_Device_ID_Size OK
    [I]  AssignCompatibleId: Function CM_Get_Device_ID (Device Instance Path = {D6E55CA0-1A2E-4234-AAF3-3852170B492F}\VJOYRAWPDO\1&4784345&2&VJOYINSTANCE00) OK
    [I]  AssignCompatibleId: Device {D6E55CA0-1A2E-4234-AAF3-3852170B492F}\VJOYRAWPDO\1&4784345&2&VJOYINSTANCE00 is not a joystick device - skip
    [E]  AssignCompatibleId: Function CM_Get_Sibling failed with error: 0000000D
    [I]  installation(): InputInfFullPath --> C:\Windows\Inf\Input.inf
    [I]  cmdUpdateNI: GetFullPathName --> C:\Windows\Inf\Input.inf
    [I]  cmdUpdateNI: SetNIFn(TRUE) returned 0
    [I]  cmdUpdateNI: Calling cmdUpdate with InfPath=C:\Windows\Inf\Input.inf
    [I]  cmdUpdate: GetFullPathName --> C:\Windows\Inf\Input.inf
    [I]  cmdUpdate: Install: Starting cmdUpdate
    [I]  cmdUpdate:  File newdev.dll loaded OK
    [I]  cmdUpdate:  CMP_WaitNoPendingInstallEvents returned WAIT_OBJECT_0
    [I]  cmdUpdate:  UPDATEDRIVERFORPLUGANDPLAYDEVICES(hwid=hid_device_system_game, InfPath=C:\Windows\Inf\Input.inf) executed OK
    [I]  cmdUpdate returns code 0
    [I]  cmdUpdateNI: cmdUpdate returned 0
    [I]  cmdUpdateNI returns value 0
  12. Xizor

    Xizor Rookie

    Hi hellfrog,
    Are you aware that accFFB must be running when you try and calibrate vJoy?

    I've been using the beta version for months now and there don't seem to be any obvious bugs in it, it works well.

    Have you seen this video, it might help:

    It can be tricky to setup, but well worth it IMO. Don't give up!
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  13. hellfrog_ACFR

    hellfrog_ACFR Rookie

    Hey, many thanks !
    just forgot that !!! it was The Point i missed yesterday night...
    Calibration redone and no need to redo it again after that!

    Any suggestion about damping, and other bars levels in accFFB ? I will taste, and adapt to my own test, but may help to have a basis...
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  14. Xizor

    Xizor Rookie

    Glad you got it working!
    For me I have SOP and Understeer effect quite high, the others are about 50%. On my Thrustmaster TX they don't seem to make much difference!
  15. hellfrog_ACFR

    hellfrog_ACFR Rookie

    Well, after 2 hours on ACC, with ferrari EVO GT3 and Cayman GT4, I beat my best laps everywhere in less than 10 laps, and all my times are much more consistent.
    amazing !
    Driving is much more natural and you anticipate and counteract much quicker, you maintain more on the limit much more easily.
    Agree with you on high levels for SOP and understeer, more difficult to say for G and sop attack.
    Maintain damping at a few units, minimal but not null.

    I driver on AC too, RF2 and Dirt 2.
    I prefer the FFB from ACC to the other games, I feel it much more precise and with finesse, but it was lacking the tyre/road contact feedback and suspension charge on the front wheel you have on RF2. With ACCFFB, it is a good progress, and without removing anything you had before. You feel it much better on 1.08 and above with hardening the front dampers.
    That is my first feedback. Impressed and satisfied. A good bonus.

    But it may deserve some others tastes, because FFB is relatively subjective.
    My own IRL driving experience explains my tastes : My wheel is setup relatively hard. I am used to small racing 150 HP cars, karting, big family breaks and little trucks (I have very rarely driven 250 HP and above cars). All these vehicles I drove have strong wheels feedback. So i am not satisfied with very soft wheels, and it is relative to my personal 35 years and millions km driving experience : i am too old to train my brain and muscles and nerves feeling to be so efficient with other feeling now. Maybe or not it may cause a limit to my progresses, but it is a leisure, not a competition for me. I like to progress, but I like more good competition with drivers at my levels. I will never be so fast as aliens, because my reflexes have reduced relative to my age by exemple, ... I just have to admit it and live with that. And I have a job, a family, a IRL life too, and e-game is secondary to that. I lack training time to be a champion and it is not my objective. But pleasure and approching my IRL experience is always a bonus. What gives me ACCFFB addon and I have to say that. Thanks to the author and people speaking about it.
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  16. I use the following on my CSL DD 8nm & Formula V2




    Gain I change per car ...

    Attached Files:

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  17. hellfrog_ACFR

    hellfrog_ACFR Rookie

    For my old CSW 2.0 I have in accffb overall effetc high at 90 but may be will lower later, damping 3 (seem less reactive at 0), SoP 70-90, understeer 70-90, and in ACC I have gain at 90 min force 1 damping 0 dynamic damping 100 road effect 15 (no change it is as before use of accffb).

    With 6 hours of use, I gain 1.5 sec on all tracks for my best laps, and I reduced my regularity interval below 0.8 sec, was around 1.3 before, and many times I do several laps consecutively with less than 0.1 sec delay...

    It is not cheating. It is a fact that i feel much better the car, the balance, and my driving is much more precise and smooth and regular. I overdrive less often than before, I am much more on the limit (for my level), and it feels much more natural. I think after a few hours more to get used to it, I will reduce gain in accffb to be more subtile...

    I am very pleased with this add-on. I feel the car as with the power of the ffb of rf2 or AC, but with the more precise and complex feedback of ACC, that i felt was too soft with my wheel.
    I don't disagree with people that may have a different feeling. It is not a polemic. It is subjective, and it may be different for other wheels and other people depending on what they are used to feel, their setups, and their way of driving.
    Last edited: May 1, 2022
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  18. @hellfrog_ACFR I think we will all find our ideal settings that match our car setups and driving style, but the end result seems to be that everyone that takes a little time to get used to accFFB improves their consistency and often also gets quicker :)
    e.g. With version 1.8.13 and accFFB I'm able to lap in the low 58's at Silverstone in race trim which is about 1 sec off the fastest guys, pre accFFB and back in v1.6/1.7 I was 2-3 seconds off those same guys...
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