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Game crashes at finish line in Endurance Races

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Duck65, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. Duck65

    Duck65 Rookie

    Hi everybody.
    It happened twice that when passing at the finish line of the last lap either in test or in Endurance Race (Career Mode), the game crashes, stops and the Xbox automatically return to the initial screen where you select ACC icon to launch the game. It is frustrating because you throw away hours of time and you cannot progress in the career.
    Someone has experienced something similar...?!?...how to fix it...?!?...thanks

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  3. elise2008

    elise2008 Rookie

    My game crashed twice in carer 24h Spa. First time it crashed before 30th Sept update after driving 3.5hrs. Second time it crashed after update at the end of 24h Spa after finishing when I wanted to save Highlights. I wish I would not try to save but just clicked continue... It did not save my race and did not give me trophy. It still will crash often when saving highlights. But it was a good race - I took my time, changed brakes, had a bad crash, had stop and go penalty. On Last lap I came out of pits less than a second behind position 1. Unfortunately in carer IA is too slow, at some point I had 2 lap advantage, but because of extra pits it came down to 1 second at the exit of pits. I literally coming on the track and nb2 IA passed me with speed. That was great feeling. Because of speed difference I overtake it in next 30 seconds, unfortunately there was no fight at all. OTHER issue I don’t understand - it never gave me any track medal or extra points after finishing, before it crashed... Now I play on PS5 and it crashes more often on normal races. Approximately 1up to two game crashes in an hour. Might be something with my High speed 100mb virgin internet as playing DEATH STRANDING it can’t connect online. But DS is so much better offline.
  4. l4ces

    l4ces Rookie

    I've experienced the same issue 3 times in one night. My audio was making a strange noise for a few seconds and then I was returned to the initial menu screen. I don't recall details but will do so the next time it occurs.

    FYI: hardware is XBox One.

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