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Guide for AC to understand apps and built a setup

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Briklebritt, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Briklebritt

    Briklebritt Simracer

    Is there any help, understanding the dev apps like "car engineer" or "wing" app for example?

    I am not an car engineer, but want to do better setups for the cars i drive in race. Would be great if there are AssettoCorsa guides out there, which explains the apps.

    When reading posting, i found infos, that the @front value in "wing" app should be between 46-49%. Other infos that say that desired psi for GT3 tyres should be 33psi. Great to know, but where is an overview for other tyres? It is very hard to get into it.
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  3. I do not believe there is a guide.

    Remember, they are Dev Apps. They weren't intended to be used to adjust the setup of the cars. Not that it can't be done--some with advanced physics/engineering knowledge use the apps to do some tuning.

    However, by and large you do not need the Dev Apps to tweak car setup.

    You may already know the following, but if not, here it is:

    You need a solid understanding of what each item does, and it's effect on car behavior.

    Then you need to use the Delta app to get immediate feedback on your performance.

    If you can't be consistent with the car--first make sure you are driving it correctly, for example driving the 917/30 and 935/78 requires a different approach than many cars. But if you are driving it properly, you make changes to the setup to change it's behavior, for example reduce understeer mid corner, or increase oversteer on corner entry.

    Once you are consistent with the car:

    Make a change


    Are you faster?

    Make a change


    Are you faster?

    And so on.

    Then ask yourself in a Russian accent "Placebo?"

    To answer the question, you can go back to the default or your base setup.
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