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GZR ACC League - Season 2

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Ninety3, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Ninety3

    Ninety3 Rookie

    Hello everyone,

    GZR is looking for new members to fill out our roster for season 2 of our ACC league. Season 1 was an enormous success with the championship title going all the way down to the last corner of the last lap! Season 2 will be even bigger, better and certainly more dramatic!

    S2 will feature 8 races, each 1hr in length.

    28th November - Misano

    5th December - Zolder

    12th December - Zandvoort

    19th December - Nurburgring

    2nd January - Hungaroring

    9th January - Barcelona

    16th January - Spa

    23rd January - Brands Hatch

    Drivers will compete in not 1, not 2, but 4 different championships over the course of the season! Maybe consistency isn't your thing, but you can do one incredible lap each week and walk away with the Qualifying championship. Maybe you're great at working with a team mate and you win the team championship. Or maybe you want to be the real King of the track, and win the Class championships and the Overall?! It's all possible at GZR!

    We also have numerous other features that make us unique from any other league you will find out there, maybe not just in ACC, but other sims too.

    If you're interested, fill in the sign-up form ([https://forms.gle/1PTUk7QLa8rxRZnW9](https://forms.gle/1PTUk7QLa8rxRZnW9)), and then come and join us on Discord and say hello. If you want to join us on Discord to ask any questions before signing up, then our discord is - [https://discord.gg/bkqa2Ny](https://discord.gg/bkqa2Ny)

    \*Please note: GZR uses a Full Time and Reserve driver setup. FT drivers are expected to attend every race in the calendar. Each race will always have a minimum of 1 slot available for a RSV driver. FT slots are in heavy demand and unfortunately not everyone can receive one

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  3. Ninety3

    Ninety3 Rookie

    One week to go until the start of the season! Due to 2 drivers dropping out we are now able to accept a further 2 Full Time drivers! Form is still open to Reserve sign ups too!

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