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In-Game FFB Settings For Thrustmaster TX

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by general_rimt, May 30, 2019.

  1. general_rimt

    general_rimt Rookie

    Hello everyone,

    I was having difficulty finding any posts anywhere about what people are using for their FFB settings for the in-game options:

    Minimum Force
    Dynamic Damping
    Road Effects

    I have a Thrust master TX with a Ferrari F1 wheel on it. I was looking to see if anyone had any suggestions as to where I should have my Settings at.

    Right now I have:

    Gain: 100%
    Minimum Force: 5%
    Dynamic Damping: 100%
    Road Effects: 50%

    Just looking to see if might be better settings out there.


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  3. I was having problems myself, but then found this thread ( link below ) You need to edit one file but its pretty easy, and you can set each car to your liking the op seems pretty knowledgeable and he is part of the development team.

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