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Mclaren mp4-30 f1 car

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Caleb Mils, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Caleb Mils

    Caleb Mils Gamer

    Would you like to have it here ?
    According to Empty Box (he seems to be non biased reviewer) this car seems to drive so good to the point he is considering racing it and he is known not to like single seaters.
    Has anyone driven it yet ? If yes, do you like it ?


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  3. LChaves

    LChaves Hardcore Simmer

    I haven't, but i'm curious about technical info this car being brought into Iracing might bring.
    When the FW31 came into Iracing everyone was surprised by the rear suspension layout of that car.

    That makes me curious to what secrets does the MP4-30 holds both in terms of chassi settings and engine modes.

    Compared to the mods we have in AC it seems to have better mechanical grip and traction going by the onboard videos i saw.
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  4. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    Does it come with fully implemented walk back to the garage mode?
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  5. Most remarkable thing is that it needs to run lots of rake, as seen in real life. Other than that it's a pretty standard layout, having corner and heave springs in both axles. The engine/ERS is pretty interesting, turbo boost can be adjusted to have more or less fuel consumption; the MGU-K has many regen and deploy modes that you can adjust. And like in the Williams, you can also adjust the throttle shaping.

    Personally I like it, it's probably the best F1 car that I've driven in any sim.
  6. bondyboy

    bondyboy Alien

    not yet, but there is the "pick up a deck chair and chill" mode for when it does break
  7. LChaves

    LChaves Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks for that, David.
    I wonder what the suspension layout would look like if FRIC wasn't banned...

    Now, if you don't mind :cool:
    I'm assuming it also has inerters(something no other sim thus far has) like the Williams?
    Is the Diff adjustable from inside the car? I don't know if the rules still allow that to be honest...
  8. Yes it has interters. And it's possible to adjust the diff entry and preload while driving, but not middle/exit like in the Williams.
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  9. mavryk1982

    mavryk1982 Gamer

    I love it, creates some interesting racing strategy. Those who manage their MGU-K deployment will be better off against those who run it at full beans only to be down on power and get overtaken at the end. The car does hit the sweet spot of being easy enough to drive but hard to eek out that extra 10%. It can bite you back mind, it seems it doesn't like the kerbs so much but overall it's fun, fast and feels great to race.

    Can't wait to see what Kunos has come up with in regards to their (older and obviously less hybrid-y) Ferrari F1 car. Amazing era for us sim-racers right now, spoilt for choice!
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  10. Caleb Mils

    Caleb Mils Gamer

    Explanations of the toys this car has.
    Racing it seems to be more complicated than the cars of previous generations.
  11. fbiehne

    fbiehne Hardcore Simmer

    I thought that it would kill me directly but I'm surprised at what a pleasure it is to drive. I just can remember my first laps with the Williams and it was no fun.
    This weekend I tried it at a 25min race at the new Nürburgring and it was very nice.
  12. I have been a long time Iracing subscriber but since driving in Assetto and RF2 I just don't like how the cars turn in Iracing. It always feel like you don't have enough steering lock. But anyway, about the MP4-30, I bought it only to see how the ERS was simulated and they have done a great job. No other game is even in the ballpark. I feel like it is just like a real F1 car. Is it fun though? I had fun playing with the battery deployment for a while (hotlapping) but it seems kind of gimmicky to me. I'd rather just get on with racing instead of saving fuel/battery/tires. As a simulation though it is top notch. If you are curious about the technology then i say buy it. Real shame about the modern day engine noises however.
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  13. Caleb Mils

    Caleb Mils Gamer

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