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Monza twitch stream... holy cow... you guys just raised the bar

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Slowbloke, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Slowbloke

    Slowbloke Racer

    Well I did not expect it to look this good... Absolutely stunning replay / broadcast quality.

    Imo what I just saw is even better than GT Sport replays (and they are/were the industry leaders for that).

    I know people always say they dont care about the graphics because its all about the physics blah blah blah... but I think you will get plenty of sales from track side replays / broadcasts looking this good.

    I had the pre qualie streaming on TV and the stream going on tablet and there are numerous moments I had to double take to confirm which was the live vs ACC....

    Still hoping for some more love in VR and ofcourse will need to experience the final product but its all looking like the Unreal route is paying off !!

    Top job Kunos.

    EDIT: To clarify Im talking about the game graphics aspect of the broadcast/replay aspect rather than the actual stream/commentary stuff - although its cool to see Chris there too :)
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
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  3. I am impressed by silver semi final.
    Green lambo- driver of the day :)
    And 4rd place was realy good. Nerves made of steel.
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  4. Echo_29

    Echo_29 Hardcore Simmer

    I agree about the quality of the camera/graphics, looks very nice, I want to see the new content though! :( and also only 12 cars isn't enough imo, and that 90% of the grid is Lamborghini even when there are new cars available!
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  5. Whipdiddywhip

    Whipdiddywhip Simracer

    broadcast quality was good, it needs a leaderboard on it though to show race status, the race was meh with 12 people, chris haye was good but paul Jeff was terrible and just talked garbage half the time
  6. Si.

    Si. Simracer

    Yep he seemed to talk for the sake of it half the time, maybe nerves and he’ll review and improve tomorrow.
  7. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    Very nice to be able to look at the race broadcast, the graphics are amazing, best ever, if you don't know it is simulation, it is hard to tell it is not real.
    If this is the future of Esport, I am in and that is from someone a little while ago who was thinking, why would I watch SIM racing when I could be SIM racing. with that level of quality, it changes the perspective.
    I see a lot of critics talking/questioning Kunos decision about UE4 and just doing Blancpain, I think they will understand with time how brilliant Kunos is and how right they are.
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  8. Jacobs

    Jacobs Racer

    For a first ever ACC esports broadcast it was amazing and it can only be better next time. Pretty sure Kunos will add proper leaderboard on the left with timings, sectors for quali etc. Will be great.
    A bit oversharpened and oversaturated in my opinion but this game looks great in that environment.
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  9. MonzterPixel

    MonzterPixel Rookie

    I was really happy with the result, still missing details but they filled 100% my expectations, kunos has made another masterpiece. XD
  10. ▣ HiTzz

    ▣ HiTzz Gamer

    Aside of it being a lamborghini cup which is a shame really as all cars in acc are amazing to watch, hear and drive obviously. Few things i would like to see changed: firstly commentators camera should be moved to left bottom side so the window wont block off time table, secondly if possible the leaderboard shown at the left top side should show all 12 players not first 6 so we could follow other racers at the back. Maybe at current time its not possible but please more more liveries for cars as currently there were like 5 lambos with same livery and its hard to follow if some of them are fighting. Other than that it was amazing to watch acc with proper racing.
  11. Karolinis

    Karolinis Racer

    I don't understand whats the point of having commentators visible at all.. where have you seen this before? Total waste of screen real estate..
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  12. ▣ HiTzz

    ▣ HiTzz Gamer

    Yeah makes sense, though im okay with it as it is aside the window position.
  13. Paul and Chris gives the best they can. And I'm thankful for the work they're doing. So this little window should be ok ;)
  14. Brado23

    Brado23 Gamer

    I thought both of the commentators were quite good and complemented each other well. I'd much rather constant talking than a broadcast full of awkward silences. I quite enjoyed the commentary from both of them.
  15. Brado23

    Brado23 Gamer

    Have to say also that the game looks brilliant in spectator mode. The leaderboard overlays still need some work especially for qualifying and need better real time updating on position changes, but otherwise it is brilliant. After watching F1 2018 streams for quite a while with cars warping all over the place unrealistically and with sound glitches, it is refreshing to watch an event where the cars look and sound so realistic in the broadcast. Great work Kunos and those involved.
  16. Sean Smith

    Sean Smith Gamer

    Any youtube footage links please?
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  18. Brado23

    Brado23 Gamer

  19. MakeMeLaugh

    MakeMeLaugh Simracer

    The only problem is FXAA, makes the game look terrible. The problem with TAA is ghosting, but I will take ghosting over this anytime lol. Also fps drops, but overall looks good.
  20. Ricky Reject

    Ricky Reject Hardcore Simmer

    Looks nice, but I seriously dont get why the commentators have to be in picture. Bugs the h*ll out of me, personally.
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  21. GRFOCO

    GRFOCO Alien

    Good quality.
    Anyway, the target is and must be iRacing, not gran turismo, wich is again some steps above.

    But yes, very good result for now.

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