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Mythiq.net Endurance GT Series Championship 2020

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Elrann, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Elrann

    Elrann Gamer


    Mythiq.net Endurance GT Series Championship

    Mythiq.net Endurance GT Series Championship is international independent Esports championship in Assetto Corsa Competizione in which everyone can be part of it. Eleven 1h races and one 3h race. Let¨s try to beat the strong competition and become champion.

    12 Races per whole year
    Solo Drivers
    1h Races and (1x) 3h Race

    Events Structure:
    All event are held at Wednesday:
    18:00 (CET) Practice: 20 minutes
    18:30 (CET) Qualification: 30 minutes
    19:35 (CET) Race: 1 Hour
    Only event at Spa has 3 Hours long race.

    First event date: 18 - 19 March 2020
    Last event date: 13 - 14 October 2020

    Useful links:
    Official championship site: https://mythiq.net/megt/
    Official forums: https://mythiq.net/community/
    Mythiq.net Support: https://mythiq.net/support/
    Mythiq.net Discord: https://discord.gg/9S3EsG4
    Driver Registration: https://mythiq.net/megt-register/
    Calendar: https://mythiq.net/megt/#calendar

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask here, on official Mythiq.net forums, via email support@mythiq.net or use the official Mythiq.net Support page.

    See you on the track!

    Last edited: Mar 4, 2020
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  3. eRacer212

    eRacer212 Racer

    Safe rating 45 in your server... I find this concerning. I would expect a minimum SA of 90 for such a project.
  4. Elrann

    Elrann Gamer

    Server you talking about is just public Mythiq.net server that is open for everyone now, because season not yet started. It does not have anything to do with our championship.
    MEGT Events take place at special private servers with entry lists, so please accept my apologies if there is any misunderstanding.

    Note that our championship is not restricted by any ingame rating because 1. Only registered teams can be part of Mythiq.net Endurance GT Series Championship and its their responsibility to have reliable drivers, 2. It's based on entry lists and 3. Every race will be watched at least by one Race Director. If some of registered teams cause some collisions, have any other unsporting behavior, behavior against rules or drive unsafely (or too slowly that it will be unsafe for others) then it will be penalized by Race directors immediately, team will be asked to find more professional drivers or in worst case team will be disqualified from the championship (if there be some serious violation). It's more flexible and more close to reality in our opinion.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2020
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  5. xPippo

    xPippo Gamer

    How many teams subscribed until now?
  6. Elrann

    Elrann Gamer


    Whole Mythiq.net Endurance GT Series Championship was announced 4 days ago, so none yet (at this time officially 1 team is in championship, which is our Mythiq.net team, and we have discussions with one another team which is not yet officially registered).
    We looking forward for new teams to come.

    If you or anyone have any questions, please do not hesitate and ask.
  7. pamoer

    pamoer Rookie

    Is it a fixed 2 driver limit or is 3 allowed?
  8. Elrann

    Elrann Gamer

    Primary focus of MEGTS is to Teams with two drivers, but It’s allowed to have three drivers, however it’s mandatory to swap all three drivers during event. So there may be some strategic disadvantages for Teams with three drivers.
  9. CreedDE

    CreedDE Rookie

    @pamoer on their annoucment follow phrase: "reserve drivers and other staff are optional and up on the decision of every team"
  10. Salvatore Amato

    Salvatore Amato Simracer

    my team manager is going to be informed in an instant
  11. Salvatore Amato

    Salvatore Amato Simracer

    how many cars do you plan to accept? is it going to be big grid events?
  12. Elrann

    Elrann Gamer

    There is only paddock capacity limitations. So there can be around 40 cars.
    Salvatore Amato likes this.
  13. Elrann

    Elrann Gamer

    Good news everyone,

    thanks to our partners we could adjust the entry fee for this year's season from 10 EUR to 5 EUR per whole Team. It's much more affordable now.
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  14. Elrann

    Elrann Gamer

    New MEGTS poster. Please share it, spread the word and help make this season great.
    Thank you all!

    Last edited: Mar 10, 2020
  15. Elrann

    Elrann Gamer

    We just made new trailer for upcoming season of our MEGTS eposrts championship!

  16. Elrann

    Elrann Gamer

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  17. Travxs

    Travxs Rookie

    I am from USA east coast can I participate?
  18. Elrann

    Elrann Gamer

    Of course! However race times will be around 17:30 CET , so it’s up to you if these times are all right for you :)
  19. Elrann

    Elrann Gamer

    Due to lack of interest, we decided to change whole championship structure.
    MEGTS is now only for Solo drivers, no entry fee, 1 h long races (only Spa is 3h race). You can register into new championship now:
  20. Elrann

    Elrann Gamer

    Entry list slowly filling up with new entries and next week are scheduled first official MEGTS 2020 test at Circuit de Paul-Ricard. You can still register as a driver!

  21. Elrann

    Elrann Gamer

    All right guys, there is only last few days to register as a driver till official pre-season tests.

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