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NRE GT3 Masters 2015/16 Event #07: Hockenheimring (Sprint 2x30 min)

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by NetracingEurope.org, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. Dear Gentlemen,

    our 7th Event will be tomorrow: Hockenheimring.

    We'll do 2 sprint races there, everyone will last 17 laps. This is our first event where our server is minorated with class A+B. This means that only drivers with this rating are able to join the server. The server is not passworded, but with minorating we can trust that we will not get reckless drivers.
    If you're not sure about your rating, you have to join one or two crowded minorated servers prior to our event and do some race laps without an incident. From my experience 10 race laps with 20 drivers and no incident is enough for rating B.

    Track: Hockenheimring (get it via our SimSync account)
    Date: January 31st 2016
    Server: NetracingEurope.org GT3 Masters
    Server password: No Password, the server is Minorated class A+B

    Server opens with booking session at 18:30 for 15 min, every driver which is NOT pre-booked (see list of pre-booked drivers below) have to use this 15min window for booking in order to participate at the race. Pre-Booked drivers please DO NOT book during that time, you can enter the server afterwards at practice and qualify.

    Practice: 18:45 to 20:15
    Qualify 1: 20:15
    Race 1: 20:30, 17 laps
    [Server Restart]
    Qualify 2: 21:15
    Race 2: 21:30, 17 laps

    Pre-Booked drivers for Hockenheim with a specific car skin:
    Wolfgang Kronthaler, BMW z4 GT3
    Alexander Becker, BMW z4 GT3
    Harald Kronthaler, BMW z4 GT3
    Maik Rybak, McLaren MP4-12C GT3
    Ronald Fuchs, MP4-12C GT3
    Ingo Schilonka, Mercedes SLS GT3

    Stefan Meissner, Mika Behrens and Matthias Fisch are excused because of private reasons. Their slots are available to the public.

    Weights: Fixed Ballast for each car:
    Audi R8 LMS ultra = 60kg
    Nissan GT-R GT3 = 60kg
    BMW Z4 GT3 = 45kg
    Mercedes AMG GT3 = 35kg
    McLaren 650S GT3 = 25kg
    Mercedes SLS GT3 = 25kg
    McLaren MP4-12C = 0kg

    The Server will allow new entries until grid preparation.
    Remember, there is NO warm up-session.
    All times in CET (Central Europe Time)

    Important NOTES:
    *Some of us will use their own car-skins. If you want to see them (instead of plain white cars), you have to download them via Simsync. Details here: http://www.netracingeurope.org/index.php/topic,46.0.html
    The needed SimSync key: http://www.netracingeurope.org/downloads/SimSyncPro.ini (right click, save as)
    * I think it's not necessary to remind you: Keep respect to your mates, let enough room, don't ruin other mates' race!
    See you all at the track!

    Kind regards,
    The NetracingEurope Team.

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