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R9 3900X performance

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by pmgfrederico, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. pmgfrederico

    pmgfrederico Gamer

    Anyone putting the Ryzen 3000 family to the test?

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  3. vandella1

    vandella1 Rookie

    I will be soon!! 3900x when it arrives!!
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  4. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    What are you changing from?
  5. chksix

    chksix Simracer

  6. pmgfrederico

    pmgfrederico Gamer

    Sinthetic benchmarks I can read about . Interested in its real world use cases / ACC performance!
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  7. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Yeah, I'm interested as well. When you got it, please do some benchmarks with maxed out AI cars and show the CPU/core usage. :)

    Still undecided between 3700X, 3800X and 3900X.
    Well so far the summary is that in games even a 3600X or 3700X might be enough.
    It might be different in AC due to the heavy load that the AI cars can generate, but I haven't seen any dedicated comparison for that so far.
  8. nangu

    nangu Gamer

    I'm waiting my 3900X already. I expect 20 to 30% increase in CPU performance in comparisson to my actual overclocked R7 1700, but as I play on VR I think perceived performance will be the same for me, may be a little bit more SS and a couple more AI cars on track. I'll bench it on monitor anyway and post in the benchmark thread.

    From the reviews, I expect a bit less than i7 9700K performance levels, but ACC bench will tell the true.
  9. Psit

    Psit Alien

    I am interested in your benchmarks... :) (especially if you can somehow measure VR increase in performance.)
    DHMoto likes this.
  10. vandella1

    vandella1 Rookie

    1800x, oc'd all core @ 3.9ghz , so should see a smallish bump up ;).
  11. Anthonyl

    Anthonyl Racer

    Running a 3600 here..fps on my rig went up between 15 - 20 at 2560x 1440..mind you I also upgraded my ram from 2666 to 3200Mhz ram.
  12. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    What did you upgrade from?
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  13. aaaape

    aaaape Racer

    what did you upgrade from?

    edit: haha ninjaed by Serge M
  14. pmgfrederico

    pmgfrederico Gamer

    Was that running stock? Did you observe core/thread usage and respective boost clock?

  15. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    And also: SP or MP and if the former, how many opponents?
  16. DHMoto

    DHMoto Gamer

    As users start to get their Gen 3 CPUs, it might make sense if this thread adopts a settings standard for posting results ie. everything on Epic or High. There are so many other variables - GPU, RAM, Resolution and speed of monitor or VR unit, but at least a common in-game setting would provide a general FPS expectation from the "upgrade". Maybe?
    chksix likes this.
  17. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    If you set everything on Epic, chances are very high that your FPS are limited by the GPU.

    You need to be able to somehow generate as much load on the CPU as possible and a low or medium load on the GPU.
    That's why the CPU benchmark thread proposes 720p with settings on low.

    Personally, I think the better way is to generate load on the CPU and to my knowledge adding AI opponents is the best way in ACC to achieve that.
    I don't know how many threads ACC can possibly use, though.
    If it's a maximum of 4 or 6, then the difference between a 3900X and a 3700X under normal racing conditions (FullHD, fps limited by GPU) won't make a big difference.
    Memory speed might be the more influencial factor in that case.
    # of AI opponents is limited to 30 iirc. Maybe a 3900X could easily handle 60 opponents? Would be interesting to know. ;)

    I think both a dedicated GPU and CPU benchmark mode would be a good idea, but obviously I don't know how big the task would be for the dev team to implement that.
    And for sure they got more important things on their minds.
  18. pmgfrederico

    pmgfrederico Gamer

    For starters my goal wasn't establishing a benchmarking framework. Just wanted to find out if ACC in particular will benefit from multithreading friendly CPUs rather than brute force clock speed ones. If a reasonable grid can more or less achieve a well distributed core usage I would like to compare boost clock speeds with the nowadays 5.1ghz reference speeds favoring single thread approaches. I don't think Epic or High will make a huge difference in GPU bounding (except for mirrors maybe, but that seems to be the taxative nature of that particular inplementation) instead I feel CPUs are bottlenecking running the game loop and handing work to the GPU. Even with VR the problem must be the rendering pipeline and its serialization not the quality of some particular settings... Just gut feeling of course!

    Overall just want to find a replacement for my old 4770K and I am am looking for smooth frame times rather than fps.
  19. Anthonyl

    Anthonyl Racer

    I went from a Ryzen 5 1600 to the 3600. Also upgraded my Ram from 2666 to 3200Mhz ram.

    All settings on EPIC or HIGH with 19 opponents. Resolution 2560 x 1440 144hz Gsync
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  20. GroteBakkes

    GroteBakkes Racer

    +15 to 20 FPS @1440P is not bad. Did U had the 1600 OC-ed and do u plan on doing the same on the 3600?
    That should get ya another few fps.
    What kind of noticable difference is their in the 1 % and 0.1 % lows? Heavy Storm & Night FPS minimums and such?
    Im on the fence jumping from a 2600 to 3600, tempting.
  21. Anthonyl

    Anthonyl Racer

    Not sure how to check the minimum fps sorry.

    Did not clock the 1600 and see no real need to clock the 3600.

    Might get a 2080Ti down the track that should add a "few" fps more.

    Just did a race at Paul Riccard with full field of cars... fps was around 87 with a few dips into the high 70's... 2560 x 1440 all settings on their highest...either epic or high.
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