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Special events difficulty is inconsistent.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Thrillho88, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Thrillho88

    Thrillho88 Rookie

    Has anyone noticed they breeze through some of the special events and really struggle through others? For example I did the race with the BMW e30 Group A at Mugello and got first on the Alien difficulty. But when I drive the same car at Silverstone for the Hotlap special event I am a full 9 seconds behind the Bronze time. Now I am fully aware that I suck at Silverstone and have a bit of a knack for Mugello, but 9 seconds off compared to first on alien difficultly seems a bit off.

    I am also flat out trying to get 1:29 at Monza with the Lotus 49 and yet I got the Gold time with the BMW M3 E92 Drift at Magione on my first lap!

    Is this a case of inconsistent difficulty or am I just weird?

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  3. John King

    John King Gamer

    Same here buddy, Some of the challenges are fun and gold is attainable with some good driving, while others seem impossible.....I wish Kunos would patch this already kinda ruining the progression of the game.
  4. ears1991

    ears1991 Alien

  5. BenniS

    BenniS Racer

    I guess the BMW E30 GrpA Hotlap event at Silverstone is broken, because the old GrpA version is the new DTM version. They changed it in one of the earlier patches. This means the new GrpA version is significantly slower than the old one, but they didn't adjust the times needed for the achievements. So yeah, in this case it is impossible to achieve those times. Lotus 49 at Monza is possible, but one of the more challenging events :).
  6. andymidnite

    andymidnite Rookie

    In case anyone was wondering, the difficulty on the BMW Group A Hotlap at Silverstone is still unattainable. I did a decent lap of 2:30.8 and the bronze time is still 9s off at 2:21. Interesting that in last Wednesday's update it says that Special Event difficulty was addressed - guess they missed this one!
  7. robertedell

    robertedell Gamer

    Yes some events for me were easy to get gold, and others hard, and some I could not get gold in. I have not tried them all only little over half, and from what I have seen the event difficulties do seem rather inconsistent.

    I have been wondering what difficulty was addressed in the update, the times still seem to be the same, the points I think are the same. I haven't raced against the AI in any challenge events lately so I do not know if they changed that or not.

    It would be nice to know what difficulty was addressed.
  8. John King

    John King Gamer

    Have they fixed the difficulty yet? Well, as much as I loved AC, this issue has, just as I thought, destroyed the game for me. I haven't played AC much at all for a few months now because of this.

    Any good news though? Did they fix it or not?

    The reason I stopped playing was because there is no worse feeling in gaming when your pushing hard, driving like a bat out of hell, pushing lap after lap, than 15 mintuea into the challenge you realize you are no where near even attaining BRONES MEDAL...it totally deflats the experience of the game and is essentially a waste of time and hard work.
  9. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    No one said you need to use the default car setup. You can put soft tyres, lower the fuel, give it a go. Then change a bit tyre pressure and adjust the aero section following the hints. And of course, improve your racing line by hitting the corner apex and carrying good speed out of the corner.
    Of which challenge are you more worried about?
  10. majuh

    majuh Gamer

    They only fixed the difficulty sliders not being set correctly for the new race events.

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