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XB1 Steering wheel Brake adjustment

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by oldgamergazza, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Playing on Xbox there are no adjustments for brake pedal so you have to memorise where your pedal bites, this is aviliable on Pc, I am hoping it will be on Console as its a big deal to be able to regulate this, playing with Logitech G920...Game is awful at the moment but looking forward to the patch which will hopefully fix a few things, but still encouraging to see another proper driving game on the Xbox:)

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  3. I must admit this is driving me mad!, really need a wheel/pedal calibration screen as most people have brake mods but are getting nowhere near 100% brake force. I've had to take mine off as the brakes just don't slow me down!
  4. Yes didn't even think of that, I'm sure something will be done fairly shortly, back to project cars for me until its patched, waited months for this so another week or so won't hurt too much:)

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