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Why not to start crowdfunding?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by mymonaco, Dec 27, 2020.

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  1. mymonaco

    mymonaco Rookie

    Hi there! I would like to appeal to the Kunos guys. We all know how strong and solid is the simracing community, we all want to make our lovely sim better. And I believe that we can do it.

    I know that everything takes time and costs. For example, the new car is a lot of people working time. Car modeling, physics, 3D, testing, design, etc. It's people's time spending which means money.

    Or another example racing tracks:
    1. Rent a laserscan van
    2. Rent a racing track
    3. Tech people
    4. 3D & Visuals
    5. Sounds
    6. Testing

    Or another example, feature for an endurance races, when other drivers (not the one who is racing atm) can adjust the pitstop strategy (tyre pressures, fuel, damage, etc.) Do we want this update? Why not?!

    So, why not to add a crowdfunding model? Where we (loyal simracers) can participate and make our game better together.

    There are a lot of CF platforms where its possible to start a campaign, and there can be some benefits from Kunos for those who were participating in that campaign for example early access, special races or just simply thanks :)

    I'm 100% sure this plan is achievable. And the moral side of this plan is awesome as well. Loyal fans of the sim are helping to make the game better and stronger together with Kunos team.

    P/S Top streamers and top leagues will provide the promotion of these campaigns for sure.

    Last edited: Dec 27, 2020

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