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[AC/ACC: Virtual Grand Prix]

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by AtreX, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. AtreX

    AtreX Rookie

    Hi and welcome to Virtual Grand Prixs league-thread!
    Virtual Grand Prix (or VGP for short) is the subsection for sim racing in the Swedish Motorsport Association (Svenska Bilsportsförbundet) and so VGP has a number of other subsections in other sim titles as well as the (so far twice) reccurring event of the official Swedish Championship in Sim Racing.
    The AC/ACC-section is a big bunch (150 or so registered drivers, 600+ in the FB-group) of friendly, yet competetive, sim racers. We're all almost exclusively from Sweden, but anyone is welcome to join as long as you speak/write Swedish so that you can understand the rules and event information without the need of translating assistance.
    On our website www.vgp.se we announce everything happening in the community and in our facebook group you have plenty of opportunity to communicate with the other members as well as some times influence what we're driving in upcomming series.

    Common for all our series is that you need to register on our website to get your number to use while competing with us and you also need to have read our rulebooks (one for VGP in common which contains code of conduct and general rules, and one specific for AC, the one for ACC is work in progress) before you can join a specific series. To comply with the above restrictions I recommend that you start reading on this page as it contains answers to pretty much all the common questions about how to start racing with us :)

    See you on track (in the rear view mirror, ofcourse)!

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  3. AtreX

    AtreX Rookie

    Upcomming series: On Monday 200120 we start our first of three races (weekly on mondays @20:00 CET) in our testseries for ACC!
    Please check out our website for more information!

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