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GOOD NEWS! Update v 1.18 is OUT NOW for PS4 (Bonus Pack 3)

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by AC_CM505, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    We're excited to announce that Bonus Pack 3 is available to download now for FREE on PlayStation 4. (Update v 1.18)

    Bonus Pack 3 includes seven amazing new cars:
    • Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
    • Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
    • Lamborghini Huracan Performante
    • Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
    • Maserati Alfieri Concept
    • Maserati Quattroporte
    • Pagani Huayra BC
    …and the community’s most wanted track, Laguna Seca, digitalized through Laser Scanning Technology, ensuring every single detail, every single bump, curb and slope to perfectly match the real counterpart.

    Xbox One players, hang on in there! We’ll give you guys a launch date as soon as possible.
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  3. Xherdani

    Xherdani Racer

    Awesome! Thx!
  4. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Your customers already know about the content!

    What about BUG FIXES!
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
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  5. the3ws

    the3ws Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks, Kunos, but shouldn't there be some special events with bonus pack 3? God of Wind and Drain the Lake?
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  6. Rotters91

    Rotters91 Rookie

    v 1.18 IS the bug fix. 1.17 was the update with new content
  7. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Say what?!
    Then why are the fixes not listed?

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